On Time and Distance

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
How will I last till then?
My hand’s already grabbing my telephone
Looks like I’m coming undone again

Can I call and say I miss you?
Can I say I want to see you now?
Can I say how much I hate this distance?
Can I say I need you — but how?
There’s 1550 miles between us
You’re one train, one bus, and one plane away
I’ve got to grit my teeth and keep standing strong
85 days isn’t really that long

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
What will I do till then
My planner’s filled up with activities
Need to distract myself once again

Yeah I’m telling myself
That 85 days ain’t long

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
The countdown begins today
85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
I’m sure love will make a way

Post a Week: Look Forward

It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

Time is transitory
Sadness temporary
All I’m feeling now will soon all pass
Cause I’ve been missing you
But you’ve been missing too
Tell me that this loneliness won’t last

But I’ll
look forward to forever
When time
and distance will barely matter
And you and I will be together forever
And you and I will be together forever

Time is filled with beauty
Joy and love surround me
I know that waiting can still be sweet
So I’ll wait for you
And as you still wait too
I’ll hold on to the promise ‘coz this love’s worth it

Everything will fall in place in its perfect time
Like the way your hand will fit perfectly into mine

via http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/cupids-arrow/