Iversity: The Future of Storytelling

I’ve signed up for an online course in Iversity.

The Future of Storytelling.” Awesome, right?

iversity - the future of storytelling

The course will run from October 25 to December 20. I’m looking forward to those weeks of learning. The organizers are still exploring certification matters but really – I’m mostly in for the fun, not for the grades and credits. I want to improve my storytelling skills and I believe this is a great avenue for me to be trained in this.

From what I gather, creative tasks are given out at the end of every chapter. Thus, I have created a Tumblr page for all my Iversity outputs: Tada! I Write Stories (and Codes)! They’re still working out some kinks in the answering process – for now you can’t really keep track of the Creative Task Answers you’ve submitted unless it’s been voted up, up, up. So, since they allow students to link externally, I believe this is the best way to go.

If you wish to follow me on my Iversity journey, you can head over to that page from time to time. You can also grab the rss here: I Write Stories (and Codes) Rss.

For those who are interested in enrolling in this course, I think you can still catch up. We’re only one chapter in and it’s been great so far.

Well, what are we all waiting for? Let’s join the MOOC movement, yo!