Week #32: Between

32. First Line: That summer seemed to last forever

That summer
To last
Lazy days by the sea
Just dreaming of you and me

It’s winter
In your part
Of the world
You say you’re cozy
And you’re warm
But I know you’d rather
Have me in your arms

Tonight, tonight
I want to be
By your side
Transcend the seasons
And the reasons
Why we’re still

Where there’s a will
There’ll always be a way
And love will surely
Will save the day
So now
We’ll have to meet halfway
Until we are together
And till there are no more barriers

Between me
And you


Gift of Song: Six Songs for 2013

If I were to choose six songs that made up my 2013 soundtrack, these would be it. I’ve either let them run a million times in my playlist; sang them out in the car, in my living room, or in my shower; or just loved them to bits. Again, you will see how diverse my taste is when it comes to music (though I do lean towards those with folk-y, acoustic-y feels). But I do hope you enjoy these tunes as well.

1. Today (Steve Moakler). Because today is a revival. So send your fear away, let it slip away and listen to this really positive, feel-good song.

2. Blood and My Bones (Elenowen). I told you I lean towards folk music.

3. Love Like This (The Likes of Us). If I could be born into another era, I’d want to be born into the age of flappers and cool, jazz sounds. But since I’m living in 2013, I’m just going to listen to The Likes of Us’ self-titled album. And I’d listen to this song. Because a love like this comes only once in a lifetime, once every thousand years.

4. Keep Hope Alive (Jason Yost Band). I listened to this song a lot when I was in Bali. You just gotta keep hope alive.

5. 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman). Ahh, the ICPM Takeaway. Am I still singing like never before?

6. Oceans (by Hillsong United). Hillsong surprised me with their Zion album. Surprised me in a good way. I loved every song but this one has to be my favorite. It speaks so much about what I’m going through now. And so I will call upon His name. I will keep my eyes above the waves. Because I am His. And He is mine.

Those are my 2013 songs. I’m excited for the new songs I’ll be singing this 2014!

via https://mariscribbles.com/2013/12/11/gifts/


Stronger through the trials
Stronger through the pain
Stronger through the testing
Stronger through the rain

Stronger through the battles
Warriors victorious
We’re shouting out a triumphant cry
To a winning God on high

Let this song arise
Lord we gladly pay the price
Oh to You we set our eyes
You’re our greatest prize

Oh You change us from glory to glory
You give us hope, life and victory
You give us strength upon strength
And joy with no end
Freedom to live and to be

On this New Journey

All these pages still unwritten
All these stories still untold
All these memories which are still to be
A budding love still to unfold

I know we’re only just about to begin
But I want to make each second count
Together or far apart as we are
Every word, every breath, every touch
Gonna live each moment out

On this new journey with you
Gonna write new memories with you
Sing out new melodies with you
Soar and chase new dreams with you

The door is wide open we’ll enter in
The path is laid out we’ll just step in

Here comes a life we’ll both be sharing
Here comes a tale we’ll both read out
Here comes a song about you and me my love
That my heart can’t wait to sing out



Heto ako ngayon
Naghihintay ng tinig
Mula sa Iyo, Panginoon
Buksan Mo ang aking pandinig

Nais kong malaman ang nasa puso Mo
Nais kong makita ang plinaplano Mo
Nais kong maging instrumento na siyang mangyari ‘to
Panginoon, heto na ang buhay ko

Heto ako ngayon
Alay ang aking mga mithiin
Buhayin Mo ang bawat awitin
Gawin Mong ang sa Iyo’y akin

Nais kong malaman ang nasa puso Mo
Nais kong makita ang plinaplano Mo
Nais kong maging instrumento na siyang mangyari ‘to
Panginoon, heto na ang buhay ko

Ang bawat pangarap na alay sa Iyo
Ay magpapakita ng kadakilaan Mo

Nais kong malaman ang nasa puso Mo
Nais kong makita ang plinaplano Mo
Nais kong maging instrumento na siyang mangyari ‘to
Panginoon, heto na ang buhay ko

Come Alive

I’m picking up the pieces of your life
I’m dusting off the cobwebs
Smoothing out the jagged edges
Let My Holy Spirit in you
Come alive

Come alive
Come alive
Come alive
Come alive

Breathe new life
Come and breathe new life

I know the road before you seems so long
I know your heart is failing
But My strength is never ending
So just take my hand and carry on

Just carry on
Just carry on
Just carry on
Just carry on

I’m with you
I’m with you
I’m with you
I’m with you

Come alive
Come alive
Come alive
Come alive

Breathe new life
Come and breathe new life

On Time and Distance

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
How will I last till then?
My hand’s already grabbing my telephone
Looks like I’m coming undone again

Can I call and say I miss you?
Can I say I want to see you now?
Can I say how much I hate this distance?
Can I say I need you — but how?
There’s 1550 miles between us
You’re one train, one bus, and one plane away
I’ve got to grit my teeth and keep standing strong
85 days isn’t really that long

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
What will I do till then
My planner’s filled up with activities
Need to distract myself once again

Yeah I’m telling myself
That 85 days ain’t long

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
The countdown begins today
85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
I’m sure love will make a way

Thoughts on Us

I am mushy, cheesy, and am a huge fan of sweet things so forgive me for this saccharine-filled post. If you’re a fan of ooey goey music, this post is for you. If not, you can come back on Friday or Saturday. By then, I’ll probably be over this very acute sugar shock.

I’m listening to the musical duo US’ debut album. Last December, a friend who knew I liked “cutie patootie” music sent me the YouTube links to two of the songs from the album —  I clicked on the links and I was instantly hooked.

I like US. US is made up of husband and wife Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae. I’m a big fan of husband and wife musical team ups, you see. Of course the duo’s music is really good, too. I particularly like their self-titled album because it’s a good soundtrack for people who have been/are in/will be in long distance relationships.

Favourite tracks: ALL. Thus I shall just highlight my favourite lyrics from the 10 songs included in the album.

  1. Never gonna leave you – “I’m the kind of guy who wants to show you why love can conquer all / Don’t be worried don’t be scared / Just know that I’ll be there”
  2. Before we go – “Before we go far away I should say / Before we go far away I should say this / Before we go far away I should say that I’m in love…”
  3. Close to You – “I can never have enough of you / In every little thing you do I just wanna be close / I just wanna be close to you”
  4. Fall Asleep  – “I just wanna fall asleep / I just wanna fall asleep / I just wanna fall asleep inside your arms”
  5. Girl in L.A. – “The one I love’s in California / What can I say / I’m in love with a girl in LA”
  6. Missin’ You Like Crazy – “Just me and my mornin’ coffee / thinking about how you’ve got me inside your heart / Wherever you are”
  7. I Will Wait for You – “No one can choose who they fall for / Or when they fall / Or how they fall / or why / I, well I fell for you and I must wait / It’s only a matter of time”
  8. Make You Love Me – “Do I have to go away to make you love me?” 
  9. Near or Far – “I’m here you’re there but my love is with you everywhere”
  10. Take Me Home – “Home for me is where you are”

So. Much. Cheese.

But hey. Let’s all have a cheese sandwich together. Check their music out! You can purchase their album from iTunes or from their bandcamp page if their music strikes your fancy.

And now, a YT vid: