On this New Journey

All these pages still unwritten
All these stories still untold
All these memories which are still to be
A budding love still to unfold

I know we’re only just about to begin
But I want to make each second count
Together or far apart as we are
Every word, every breath, every touch
Gonna live each moment out

On this new journey with you
Gonna write new memories with you
Sing out new melodies with you
Soar and chase new dreams with you

The door is wide open we’ll enter in
The path is laid out we’ll just step in

Here comes a life we’ll both be sharing
Here comes a tale we’ll both read out
Here comes a song about you and me my love
That my heart can’t wait to sing out

On Time and Distance

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
How will I last till then?
My hand’s already grabbing my telephone
Looks like I’m coming undone again

Can I call and say I miss you?
Can I say I want to see you now?
Can I say how much I hate this distance?
Can I say I need you — but how?
There’s 1550 miles between us
You’re one train, one bus, and one plane away
I’ve got to grit my teeth and keep standing strong
85 days isn’t really that long

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
What will I do till then
My planner’s filled up with activities
Need to distract myself once again

Yeah I’m telling myself
That 85 days ain’t long

85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
The countdown begins today
85 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
I’m sure love will make a way