Terrific Twos

Dear Marikit,

You are now two. You’re no longer as little as you were and we can see that you now have a mind of your own. You don’t like changing diapers. Sometimes you don’t like wearing them. What used to be your favorite food sometimes gets an, “Ew, yuckers!” from your end.

But when you do eat, boy, do you eat! You don’t like being spoon-fed except for times you are being extra lambing.

You love music. You sing to yourself while playing. You even break out into song while breastfeeding! When Daddy plays demos of songs he has composed, you belt out the tune and dance along, proving you are his number one fan.

You have an eclectic taste in TV shows. We’ve watched “Gabby’s Dollhouse”, “Number Blocks”, “Cleo and Cuquin”, “Simon”, and “PJ Mask” among many others. But your favorites have always been the ones with lots of songs.

You also like books and exercising! You keep asking us to read to you but, when we don’t, you are also happy to read to yourself. As for exercising, Mommy exercises a lot so you follow along, too!

You are a people person. You say hi when we run into little kids on the street or at the park. I’m sure you didn’t get that extra friendliness from me! But you love your family the most and you are extra happy when you are playing with your Ate Mayya and Kuya Lucian.

You love your Lolo Joel and Lola Ychu. You often say, “apan na Lolo an Lola?” (your version of “Let’s go to Lolo and Lola?”). Why, that’s Ilocano, anak! I’m glad you’re picking up some of the language but I am even more glad you enjoy spending time with them.

You are fond of animals but you’re afraid when they come too close to you. One time, we took some stray kittens in because it had been raining nonstop and we were afraid they would die of cold. You wanted to see them but kept running away when they managed to escape from their box.

You are the sweetest thing. You love kissing Mommy and Daddy. When you see us sitting together, you immediately snuggle up in between shouting, “-getherness!” Oh how we wish you will stay as sweet as you are even when you grow older.

Marikit, these days are a challenge because your favorite words are “no!” and “not yet!” Daddy and I seem to take turns being impatient with you but God is continuously teaching us to be patient and kind.

We love you so much, Anak, and we love seeing you grow. Be a good girl as we navigate through your terrific twos. ❤️