Post a Week: Jealous No More

Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship?

Photographers, show us something GREEN.

Jealous of the girl who caught your eye
One of my darker days
When you looked at her where was I?
Should have been in her place
Here I am
All alone imagining what might have been
What could have been
If I had been there

Jealous of the one whose arms are around you
If she’s keeping you satisfied
Jealous of the one who finally found you
Made your sun and your stars collide
La la la la la la la
She’s a very very lucky girl
La la la la la la la

Jealous of the one who won your heart
They say it’s a perfect match
She’s gonna get to be where you are
And I don’t get better than that
She’ll say you’re fine
Whisper words I wish were mine
And they might have been
If I had been there

You know I’d fight the good fight
If I thought I’d change your mind
But if she makes you happy
I would leave that dream behind
Man, she better treat you right
And give you everything
Cause at the moment she doesn’t
I’ll be waiting in the wings

La la la la la la la
She’s a very very lucky girl

(Jealous by Nina)

I used to sing this song over and over. To different boys, because of different girls, mouthing out heartbreaks and heartaches and God-knows-what other matters of the heart.

But then I caught your eye. Oh wait — love, I think you caught mine.

It has been a crazy, sweet, and at times heart-wrenchingly rough process. But we made it through. And we’ll continue to make it through.

I am loved. You are loved.

We will make it through.

To every girl out there hoping for love to come by — my dears, don’t fret. Love is worth the wait.

To every man mustering up the courage and strength to pursue love — proceed with wisdom and care. Love is always worth the fight.

So I’ll say goodbye to the green-eyed monster. Today I’ll say hello to love.