Defying Gravity

We were flying above a sea of clouds. Had they always been that fluffy? I’m not sure if I really noticed or cared before.

I was staring at the window, trying to keep tears from spilling out of my tired eyes. I had been travelling since two o’clock that morning. The plane was scheduled to make touch down that afternoon at half past five.

I should be used to lengthy and lonely flights. And, even more, I should be used to all those pathetic goodbyes.

“Defying Gravity” from Wicked and Glee serenaded us as we prepared for landing. How fitting. That was my theme song when I struggled with the same unwanted farewells four years back.

As we hit the runway, I started to sing along beneath my breath.

“It’s time to try defying gravity. I think I’ll try defying gravity. Kiss me goodbye, I’m defying gravity. And you won’t bring me down.”

The plane came to a halt and a single tear cascaded down my eye.

Goodbyes and Tiramisu

You taste like tiramisu — you are bitter and sweet. (Valentine by Wendy Austyn)

Goodbyes are strange. I don’t look forward to them, but sometimes I do.

I hate how a familiar searing pain creeps up to my chest whenever I think about being torn away from you. But I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I’m blanketed by that hug you only give out at airport departure areas. I would receive that hug more often but that would mean I should bid you farewell more often, too.

Sigh. Goodbyes taste too much like tiramisu.