3 French Hens: 3 Wishes for 2013

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me… three french hens!

Three magic wishes granted. Three dreams fulfilled. Three goals reached. Or three fluttering poultry from a tiny area in France. Take your pick.

While we were having our Noche Buena dinner, I asked my friend Prescious what her Christmas wish was and I shared what mine were. We both wanted world peace and a boyfriend for a close common friend. And a whole lot of other stuff. We were half-serious, half-joking, but sharing those things made our Christmas Eve dinner a bit more fun (read more about our quaint Christmas celebration here).

But if you’d ask me seriously what my three wishes for 2013 are — just in case you’re my Fairy Godmother, a Magic Genie, or you are simply a kindhearted soul — they would be:

  1. A new laptop. I am extremely thankful for the one I am using now — it’s a Butterfly HP net book the close common friend lent me. It’s good enough for writing, listening to music, watching a few movies every now and then, and photo post-processing, but its size and speed keep me from doing some other important things — like video editing,  design learning, and e-book publishing. I am actually saving up for one. Thinking of getting an Apple. At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably have enough money by — oh, I don’t know. By the middle of next year. Aww. But no matter. I shall get an iPad first (a second hand one, most probably) to cater to the “e-book publishing” need. Which brings us to wish number 2.
  2. A published book. Or collection of short stories. YES. Let’s take this seriously, shall we? I know I’ve got some stories to tell and I want to share them with the world. I’ll be needing people to encourage me. Care to be a part of my personal pep squad? :D
  3. 2012’s dreams and promises fulfilled. Okay, this is cheating. This wish is similar to the “more wishes” thing, but hey, I make the rules here. So I’m seeing what was still being halfway built in 2012 to be fully built in 2013. Forgive me for the metaphors. But yeah, I’ve been building (and I’ve been helping to build) a couple of things this 2012. Who knows — God could surprise me still. There are five more days before the new year starts. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if those buildings would stand firmly by 2013? It would. It really would. :)

So how about you? What are your three wishes for 2013? I’m not sure if I could help out in granting them, though. I’ll try. Else, I’ll ask someone in France to send you those three french hens.

Else, I could just cook you up a nice dinner.
Or maybe I could just cook you up a nice dinner.