Nak Minum?

Who wants to head out to a mamak stall with me and order a steaming cup of teh tarik or a rich, hot cup of kopi? I know, I know. It’s late but I’m so craving for a hot cup of something and a rich dose of conversation. Conversation about what? I don’t know. Nothing and anything. New music, new movies, new books, new cool websites. Career paths, future plans – anything that would get my mind out of my piling to-do list for the night. I’m up for a silent trip as well. If you’d like we can just enjoy our drinks quietly and drown in melancholic silence for the rest of the night.

I just need a couple of hours to breathe and unwind.

But then again it’s already late, I don’t have a car, and the closest food stall is the Za’ba Kafeteria which, I guess serves good enough teh tarik (I really haven’t tried their mix yet).

Kopi Segara. Instant Coffee.

Maybe I should just plug in my cerek and heat up water for some instant coffee.

And pour out all my thoughts and ramblings into this blog, letting randomness fill up the white space.

But no. I need someone to talk to.

That’s it. I’m buying that teh tarik. Za’ba Kafeteria, here I come.

Mr. A-Z who’s got the Remedy

I can’t take it anymore. After 12 something hours of going through the History of Multimedia, of going over Hypermedia and the World Wide Web, at this point my brain is now reduced to ooey-gooey-mush.

So please. Allow me to release and regroup my brain cells once more before I hit the sack.

Sigh. In all honesty, doing the whole ‘studying-alone’ thing is somewhat tiring. It can be mentally draining and emotionally draining as well. I mean, come on. I’m stuck in the room looking at nothing but my notes and – my notes. Care to define ‘lonely’, anyone?

Buti nalang nandyan si Lord. At least I know that Someone’s standing by me, giving me strength, wisdom, and joy even as I plough through all my lecturer’s Powerpoint slides.

Buti nalang din nandyan sina Kari, Leeland, India, Jason at kung sinu-sino pa. Ahh. Worshippers, artists, singers and songwriters who keep me pumped up and awake, who keep me rooted on my desk chair and away from my bed. Voices who keep me alive, convincing me that studying is still fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I owe my heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

Haha. I’m laughing at my playlist right now. It’s funny how its contents can easily shift from Kelly Warren to Kelly Clarkson, from Jonathan David Hesler to David Archuleta, from Jason Upton to Jason Mraz.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not falling to any sort of ‘darkside’ or what. I’m just realizing how diverse my taste in music really is. I guess I am like my brother who goes from Queen, to Hale, to Josh Groban. And anyway I’m simply appreciating good music. And awesome artists as well.

Awesome artists. Uhh, like Mr. A-Z? Call me crazy, call me weird – but I’m seriously (or is it not-so-seriously?) crushing on this guy right here. Haha! I think the last time I got this way was when Mel and I saw the footage of Chris Quilala singing “Your Love is Everything”.

The Wizard of Ohhs and Ahhs and Fa-la-las (

Sigh. Mr. A-Z who’s got the Remedy. The Wizard of Ohhs and Ahhs and Fa-la-las who’s got me swooning over his Wordplay and laughing over his crazy Dynamo of Volition. Uhh, okay Mari, you can start regaining your sanity now.

But in all fairness to Mr. Jason Mraz – bakit ngayon lang kita nakilala??? Yeah, I remember how “The Remedy” sparked my interest way back in high school and how “I’m Yours” and “Lucky” came across to me as nice and easy tunes – but gosh, oh, gosh – why is it only now that I’m appreciating you and your crazy, crazy music??? Why, oh why, oh why?

Gosh. I’m only just beginning to see how awesome Mr. A-Z is with his mad sound and wild play of words. I mean, you just have to love how his brain works. The wit. The creativity. See how “Mr. A-Z” is actually a play on his family name?

Swoon. If I were to refer to my list describing my “dream guy”, if I were to check to see if Mraz would make the cut – let me tell you, he would. I kid you not. He’s got most of the characteristics in the list covered.

Well, except for the top three most important ones. The ones about his depth (not that he isn’t deep, but I’m talking about another kind of deepness here), his call and – oops, I’m giving too much away. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Aww. Sayang. Pwede na sana.

Sigh. Oh well.

But hey. Mr. Curbside Prophet, you can still invade my playlist and drop by anytime during my somewhat lonely study hours.

Okay. Enough of this insanity. It’s time to call it a night.

G’nite everyone. : )

Check out Mr. A-Z's website. Haha. He's got some cool blog entries too.

Saturday Morning Black Coffee

black coffee

Saturday Morning. Black Coffee. Instant Oats. The Michael Gungor Band tearing down the house in the background.

Good morning to you all.

I woke up early today. Partly because I was thinking that I should be ready, should my morning be marked by an early SMS from a friend whom I wanted to meet up with. Also partly because the Za’ba cleaning ladies are at it again, chattering in that undecipherable Bahasa Melayu, forcing me to really wake up.

However, my friend seems to be unavailable for the morning, making me consider going back to sleep. Tempting, yes. But with the cleaning ladies shifting from chattering to floor sweeping (do you know how much noise a hard broom makes when it’s swept across hard cement???), I guess would do me a lot of good to simply get my day started.

So it’s hello Saturday morning, hello black coffee, and hello Michael Gungor Band. Oh wait. It’s now Citipointe Live who’re bringing the house down.

Sigh. I want do move, move, move and do something productive, but I guess God is just giving me this morning to rest, think, and unwind.

Reading is one of my favorite “unwinding activities”. So I went over and paid this blog a visit, wanting to go through my February scribbles. But then my archives section caught my eye.

Oh. My. Goodness. Did I really come up with four entries this month??? Upon publishing this post – that four will be replaced by a big, fat, five.

I guess this must have been some month. I go on a writing spree when there are a lot of things going on – and possibly not going on – in my life. When I’m riding an emotional rollercoaster ride. Or when I’m on an intellectual and, sometimes, supernatural high. I’m still trying to figure out why I’ve had such an abundance of blog entries for this month. The last time I wrote this many blog entries was on September 2008 (Old Fashioned, Lessons Learned from the Past Week, Memorable Moments with my Batchmates – A.K.A. Granny Moments, and Hold the Fruit Salad). I think I know what went on in my life during that season. And as for my now dying multiply blog – there was this time that I reached my self-imposed blog limit – five entries (I Want to Dance under the Rain, Gone Emo, No Turning Back, Be Productive, In an Effort to be Productive) for the month of – oh my gosh – February. February 2009. I definitely know what was happening then.

Ano bang meron sa February?

Maybe it’s because it’s that time of the year when I’m already expecting the promises I’ve received from January to come to life. And when I’m not really seeing them yet…

Well, you can see my abundance of February blog entries.

But there’s still ten months to go. I just have to actively wait and see how God will allow all those dreams to unfold in these next ten months.

I’ll just have to actively – yes, actively – wait and see.

Headaches, Heartaches, and Whatnots

Am I this dark and melancholy during this time of the night??? Sigh. Forgive me for the semi-dark, brooding, and angsty tone of this entry. I just need to get this off my chest. “This too shall pass.” – India Arie

* * *

Goodness. Past midnight and I’m semi-wide-awake, typing away about headaches, heartaches, and whatnots.

I crashed into bed at around 9 PM, determined to wake up early to work on an assignment. But after two and a half hours of sleep – here I am, up once again, tormented by an aching forehead and plagued by throbbing temples.

And shattered by a broken heart. Uh-huh… Righhhhtt. Let’s not talk about that one.

Kurang Manis. Less sweet.” Ugh. I love sweets. I have a sweet tooth and sweets are a sure-fire way to appease my occasional mood swings. Ice cream makes me happy, chocolate takes my mind off heartaches and heartbreaks, and a slice of blueberry cheesecake keeps me from sighing and sobbing. I’ve been trying to stay away from these high-calorie, high-ringgit-costing treats though. They’re not really doing my waistline and wallet much good.

I failed myself this afternoon though. I hopped on the wrong bus, got stuck in the pouring rain, and had to wait for what seemed like eternity to get on the right bus — all on an empty stomach and on a mind filled with interpolating values. Thus the empty choc-o mochachip cookie wrapper.

Sigh. Thankfully, I’ve learned to exercise more self-control on all other areas of my life.

Self control. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” (Galatians 5:22-23) Against such things, there is NO law. There is no LAW against such things. I am free to exercise love. There is freedom in having peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness. And there is great, great freedom in having self-control. Okay. So I’m being tested on all those things. Tested if indeed the fruit is ripe within me. So be it. “Take me through the fire. Take me through the flame. Take me through the testing, I’ll do anything.” (Misty Edwards, Fling Wide) *Tears.* Yes. Continue to take me through the fire, Daddy God.

Through the fire. Let me tell you – it’s not easy going through the fire and the flame. It hurts, it burns, and if you won’t let those stubborn blemishes be purged by the fire – my goodness. I’m just thankful I haven’t experienced going through any literal fires and flames during my lifetime. But I told God that I was willing to go through this. And I want to come out as gold. Not as a heap of coal and ashes.

I’ll say that again. I want pure gold, not a heap of coal and ashes.

Well, that’s a whole load off my chest.

Let’s see if I can get to sleep this time and not wake up once again to headaches, heartaches, and whatnots.


Itching to Write

I am so itching to write. I’m currently at the “Intsik Net Shop” (note: not the kedai‘s real name) with Ate Grace and I know that we would be leaving anytime but — I am so itching to write!!!

Well, let’s see how much I can write given the indefinite amount of time I have di sini.

Quick Scribble #1. Wondering why we’re back at the Intsik Net Shop? Sigh. Broadband hasn’t been working since midnight last Monday. I really don’t know why. It could be because of the payment or — something. UKM Jaring’s still Jaring, but we haven’t seen each other since Friday (LOL!) when I checked out of Za’ba. Sigh. So, it’s been hard to connect with people these days. Oh well. Keri lang naman.

Quick Scribble #2. I have a pile of laundry waiting for me at home. Hahaha. Masipag talaga ako. Di ako nagkukunwari!!! Hahaha! Ate Grace and I tackled the ref this morning (ugh.. defrosting madness) and we’ll go back to it this afternoon. Be fixing up the house again in preparation for tomorrow and next week. Hahaha. This is great! Housekeeping madness! Woohoo!

Quick Scribble #3. I’m bringing work home. Sigh. Okay, okay, so the news is out. I’m going home. May suprise-suprise effect pa raw. Oh well. So it might be a suprise for the non FB and non FS community. But oh well. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. I’m bringing work home. GRA stuff. Sorry. Have to. But I will have fun. I will. Keri naman. :)

Quick Scribble #4. I am sooo sleepy. Malaysian food has too much MSG? I don’t know. But I always get this way after eating a hearty Malaysian meal. Hmmm. Craving for Sisig. For siomai. For — the red sugo, proven, butterfly bread, fishballs and tokenene! Wehhh! Hahaha. Who wants to go on a food trip with me? :D

Quick Scribble #5. N days to go! N days to go! Hahaha! At least I can keep that a secret. “No one” knows the date and time of her arrival. Hahahaha! Oh my. Am I gonna commute all the way back to elbi? Pwede rin.

Quick Scribble #6. Ang lakas lang ng loob ko. Of course I still have to get my passport on Tuesday. But my faith tells me I’m getting it without any more probems or concerns. Hehehe. At bigla ko nanamang naalala ang comment ni Ate Ahl sa FB. Sigh. I am so, so, so thankful for the grace and the favor. (And the grace and the favor… and the grace and the favor… and the… hehe).

Quick Scribble #7. Grace-filled week up ahead. Super-grace-filled weekend as well. Oh, I am so, so, so excited for the weekend. What does God have in store for us? ALL THINGS WORK OUT FOR THE GOOD of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Quick Scribble #8. With everything that’s happening and with everything that’s still to happen — I wonder how on earth will I be able to write the next pdf file? Hrrrmmm. And how would I send it? I need closure! Hahaha. I need to send that file before going home! Arrggg.

Quick Scribble #9. There I go again. Oo na, oo na. Uuwi na nga eh. Totoo nga ang balita. Hehehe.

Quick Scribble #10. Hay. May batang sobrang excited lang no? Well, I guess I’ll just end this entry here, before things get crazier.

See you all soon. Jumpa lagi!

Non-Technical Random Scribbles

Time for a breather. I just finished my last final exam (is that redundant???) for the sem this (err, yesterday) morning. Will have to pore over heaps of research papers today (and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that). I really need to get my lit review and research proposal done by the 15th. Anyone in for an extra round of grace?

Well, since I’ll be reading and writing technical stuff for the next few days, I just thought I’d write out some “non-technical” random scribbles before the madness starts.

Non-technical Random Scribble #1.

My goodness. It’s 12:43 on my clock right now and I’m still awake. Ugh. Insomnia? Well, I’ve been “resting” for the most part of this day, so I guess that explains why I’m still awake at this hour (but when you think about it, I’m always up naman after midnight, even if I hadn’t spent much of the day resting. Ugh. Whatever.)

Resting. After my exam, I just sleeepptt. Read Donald Miller. Took another nap. Watched Twilight for the first time (hahaha, ooohhhkayyy.) Battled it out with Jaring afterwards. Proceeded to enter another battle after that one. With who, lah? With my new-found friend-slash-fiend, the washing machine! Can you believe that I’ve been staying in this dorm for more than four months and it was only yesterday afternoon that I discovered that my block actually had a coin-operated washing machine on the third floor? But all the instructions are in Bahasa Melayu!!! OMG lang.

I took another nap after my encounter with the malay washing machine. I was actually waiting for the drizzle outside to subside so that I could hang my clothes. But since it was still raining, I decided to sleep it off. Woke up to find that the pitter-pattering had not stopped. So I spent much of the night trying to transform my room into a “sampayan” area.

Craved for coffee, so I drank a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1.

So now it’s already 1:07 am. Now you know why I’m still up. Ugh. Must. Get. To. Sleep.

Non-technical Random Scribble #2.

Whew. It’s the 11th of November. My fifth monthsary in Malaysia is coming up in 13 days. I should be getting my passport (with my student visa – yey!) that day.

I have mixed emotions about this whole thing.

On one hand, I’m really so happy that I’ve already made it this far. (Rephrase: God has enabled me to come this far. Sigh. He knows all the “dark and stormy nights” that I had to go through. And the ones I’m going through. And — well, you get the idea). Being the melancholic person that I am, I have been counting the months since June 24. Pretty soon, I’ll be counting years. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

Which leads me to the other hand. My sem’s already ending. December’s approaching. Now I’m thinking, “God, may nangyari ba sa mga unang buwan ko dito???

Well, I had a sudden flashback of the Airport, Sungai Buloh, Keselamatan, Embassy, Jabatan Imigresen, and PPS episodes. Oh yeah. Madami rin namang nangyari. Like crazy, right?

Pero alam ni Lord that I wasn’t asking about that.

Lord, may nangyari ba?

Well, I believe something has. And there’s still the rest of November. The stage’s just being set.

Non-technical Random Scribble #3.

The stage is set. I had a great weekend, by the way. Getting lost in Taman Merdeka, getting lost in His embrace, feeling the Melaka sun once again… Sigh. I want more weekends like this! Minus the pagod, yeah, but that’s part of the package.

I want to write more about this!!! But friends, you’d have to wait for my pdf document. Hahaha. Dunno when I can get around to writing that, though.

Oh no. Which reminds me! I have a borang that needs submitting. And some minutes that I haven’t gotten around to writing yet.

I will not panic. I will not panic. I will not panic.

Kalmado lang, Mari.

Non-technical Random Scribble #4.

Hahaha. Anybody noticed how I’ve been mixing Malay words and Tagalog phrases in this little piece of writing? I’ve gone tri-lingual! Haha. BMTalgish? Boleh.

Let’s add some Ilokano kaya? Mabalin?


Non-technical Random Scribble #5.

(Ano daw???)

Non-technical Random Scribble #6.

I have run out of non-technical random scribbles. I guess it’s my brain falling asleep.

I’m craving for something salty right now. Or something sweet. Like teh ais. Or bandung susu. Or Kapitan’s chendol.

Mmmm. Like, I can really go out and buy something from some Mamak Stall at this hour.

The craving would have to wait for tomorrow.

Right now, I guess I’ll be a good girl and catch some Zzzzs.

Enough of these non-technical random scribbles.

Bitin ba ang blog? Well anyway.

Good night, everyone.

Before Shiela Day Arrives

Mari day muna please. Hahaha. Okay, okay. So I was supposed to be doing a lot of things today, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to tick those stuff off my to-do list. So I found myself making up for the sleep that I kinda lost the past couple of days instead. I then did a couple of stuff afterwards (afterwards meaning when I finally got around to waking up. LOL).

Isa na ron ay ang pagbisita sa FS account ko na saka ko lang binubuhay pag napag-iisipan kong magblog.

Well, I decided to browse through my old testimonials. You know. The ones that people used to give-out in FS before the comment thing became the new testi. :)

Okay, okay, so most of the stuff I found in my profile page were embedded graphics, videos, and whatnots, but there were a couple of testimonials that made me smile, laugh, and yeah, made me get kinda teary eyed as well.

* * *

Warning: Medyo marami ata to. Haha. Sige lang. Time for another “long” blog entry anyway.



The word hello means:

H-how are you
E-everything i hope is alright
L-like to hear from you
L-love to see you soon
O-obviously i miss you


wala lang. ang ganda ng testimonial ko para sa iyo dba? heheh, joke.. c ate mari ay mabait at hindi parang ibang ate na nakainis at masungit.. mabait siya PROMISE! medyo magkaiba kami ng ugali dahil lalaki ako pero ang iba naming ugali ay medyo pareho. We both like video games and most of the time, she’ll be petting cats and other cute animals… she is also cute herself and she is probably taller than me. She is not to snobby and she is very good to have around as long as she;s not in a bad mood.. she is kind and a true christian and she gave me a bible —- isn’t that special? She really is a loving and lovable sister and friend, and a very interesting person to talk to.

she is very smart ( a lot smarter than me). i think that she inheritted most of the good attributes of my parents.. but i still love her!

thank you

(Love na love ko talaga ang kapatid ko. Patawa ka talaga, balong!)

beibi (ate carla) 07/15/2004

ang pinsan kong c mari ay supar alien talaga, nasa kanya na lahat ng M, matalino, maganda, mabait, mahiyain,…etc….hehehe nakakapagod pag sasabihin mo lahat e,. niwey, itong batang ito very active cia sa skul, lahat nga ng ndi ko najoin na mga activities napuntahan niya, lalo na yung miss intrams, grabe ang fighting spirit and confidence nito,.

sobrang mahinhin ito,. nun bata cia ako ang nagaalaga sa knya, cute cute nia parang siopao mukha nia kc napakaround face nd she has small lips talaga, pero ang rami niang talent,:)

kaibiganin niyo c mari, u will neverregret it,:) uy mis ka na namin!!!

ingat der!!!

mark 07/09/2004

hahah! firs testi!! okei si mari, pinsan ko yan! heheh hilig sha sa anime heheh! bait pa cya supr! kaso nga lang mejo mahiyain ei! heheheh! nyweiz talino rin po cya! tpos ganda pa! heheh dib? :) heheh and trustworthy, loyal, caring, lovable at maramin pang ibaa!

kung isusulat ko lahat e di na kakasya d2 ei… heheh nyweiz! d2 muna ako ha?

un ibang testi nx tym nalang ayt!? :)

kei babye!!!!!!!!!! ingat ka jan!!!!!!!!


emerald Lo

what do i tell about mari anjeli? all i can remember at this very moment are the words:ay sorry! ala! thank you! uyyy! sorry ulit! thank you! ay ala sorry talaga!!!

confused? well, its one of the SECRETOOOS i keep about her (just ask her if you really want to know!) Anyway, Mari is one of my oldest friends (she has been my schoolmate since elementary). She is so intelligent (i’ve no comment about that, eveyone knows it!) She is also talented (imagine how possible would her ms. intrams title be without that violin!). Long ago, she was so cute(you know what i mean), now she’s nothing but a HOT SEXY CHICK!

one last thing i tell about her is: she is a real friend; the thing i’ve proved over our misunderstandings and the fun. =)

pasSeR (enn! haha) 04/18/2005

well… wat shud i say????? mari is juz so hard to shun dis days though i havntseen her 4 a LONG tym….juz too long to forget some unimportant things or persons shud i say.How lucky dis girl is.

To tell u guyz honestly she’s d only person i greatly admire… y not? f u rili know her den u shud know y!!!!!! hump…wel for those hu dont, mari s such an INTELLECTUAL person nd she’s rili multi-TALENTED(mind you she’s also our miss intrmurals during our hiskul days) nd f il elabor8 how gfted she s mawa2ln ng spce . i lyk her becoz she’s d only 1 hu did understnd my poem back den(un lang ang dhiln! bwahahaha!!! ang babaw!).kidin’ asyd, i rili lyk her bcoz until now she reminds me of SoMeTHING.hihihihi.u knw wat i min!

maam/ate hiLDa 10/24/2004

c Mari, super talino ng batang ito, multi-talented.. the first time i saw her, super-tahimik siya sa klase and seems like she’s not interested with my subject (MATH pa un), what i did was i called her to recite and i was really surprised, henyo ang batang to! and what i really like about this girl is her humility. having all those God-given talents, still, she’s very humble. No wonder, she had everything.. Mari, let God be the center of your life and He will give all the desires of your heart. College life is full of ups and downs, just keep on trusting Him. I may not be with u physically,but through prayers, i’ll always be. take care always! God bless U.. hugs and kisses


tanja 01/06/2006

mari! hehehe..=) naging mejo kaclose ko xa nung mging clasm8s kme sa stat101 lab at lec.. hahaha! pati nrin sa cmsc22.. bhelat.. who would’ve thought??? hehehe! mdali xang makasundo.. hehehe.. softspoken xang tao at may sense kausap. sobrang talino nito, grabeh! and siguro it’s an understatement to say na blessed xa ni Lord..=) grabe..=) hehehe!

oi marie, ingat ka lagi ha..and keep serving God.. hehehe. sana mging clasm8 pa kita in more subjects!! at oo nga pala!! gudlak sa math27!! hahaha.

God bless!=)

Amor 12/01/2005

c mari.. ang taong mahirap kausapin… hehehe.. pero cyempre mabait… matipid magsalita, pero minsan, nkakausap nman…isang npakatalented na bata… galing magdrawing.. =)

muntik ko ng mkalimutan, sobrang talino ng babaeng ‘to…

most of all…………………..

she’s a faithful servant of the lord….

god bless u…



I tell you, this girl is great! She’s beautiful and intelligent inside and out. She’s kind, mahinhin (ei, ikaw ang mahinhin hindi ako), tahimik na madaldal (promise!), super active at masayang kausap.

You may also count on her anytime you’ll be needing help and advices — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

She’ll never let you down.

Get to know her and you’ll discover more great things about her. “,

leizl 06/27/2005

when I first saw her, I thought di ko xa mapapagsalitasobrang tahimik kas ibut when I got to know herchatty rin palavery choleric(but dont put too much pressure to yourself ha ?(,) great in academicsvery excellent oppps, as I told you, ikaw ang magdedeliver ng valedictory speech sa graduation nyovery faithful din sa ministry niyasipag gumising ng maaga. May you not go weary in serving Himlove u dearie..muahhhhh.

adrian 07/16/05

the woman who rarely speaks her mind. but spills her heart out. silent yet loud in character. gentle in ways but aggressive in the spirit. a prodigy. a genius. anjeli, i just practiced my poetic writing skills. effective ba? joke. he,he. but to all those eyes who will walk into this testimonial, totoo po ang lahat ng description kong ito sa sis ko. sis, keep on keeping on. the Lord is your reward.

your heart reflects the goodness of the Lord. god bless!

Mars 04/13/2006

hmm…my simple but very pretty ate!!..God is pleased with her…i love this gurl..

she’s more than a blessing..she’s a gift!!!!

love you in Him!!..godbless po ate!!

jennah 02/10/2008

certified levite… a mighty woman of the Kingdom… I’m proud of how you have become! Hope to see you in greater relationship with HIM as you continually live your call. i may not always say or express things outright, but i am truly proud of you my adopted daughter… love you much! im still here.. ^ate CT^

katKatkatKat 05/26/2008

what can i say?? you’re one of the most beautiful thing that happened in my life… m realy to God that He gave me to you!! thanks for everything.. without you, i don’t what am i now… hmm… u helped me to see things and to realize things.. i love you very much ate,,, you’re like a real sister to me!! tc po lage!!!

Jo_hanna 06/27/2008

dearest mari, thanks so much for the presentation you have prepared for my birthday. I am deeply touched. I am greatly honoured of the woman of God that you are becoming… more and more the PRINCESS that you truly are. :) thanks so much for all the prayers… for holding the other end of the rope, from the nations to the base. love you mari dear… God bless. love you. and missing you a lot..

keimeee 07/11/2008

ate alam mo po ba na yung pangalan mong “anjeli” ibig sabihin ay “gift” o kaya naman ay “offering?” ganda noh te?



* * *

Yeah. Most of the stuff written up there are very me. Some are real eye-openers (like, mahinhin talaga ako???). Some would come across as revelations talaga to other people (bet you didn’t know some of the stuff written there). And yun.

I really don’t know why I decided to post this blog post.

Maybe it’s because there are times that we find ourselves asking, “Did I make a difference?”

And maybe as I asked myself that very question this very day — this was God’s way of answering that question.

Okay, okay.

This ends the discourse about me.

Shiela day arrives tomorrow. :)