Week #37: For She?

He wanted her job, and it would be easy enough to discredit her.

He could unearth all the skeletons in her closet. Go to trusty old Google and find photographs of her. Drinking. Partying. Doing non-work related things. There might be articles written about her, too. Or she might have too many social media accounts. Whatever, he could very well easily find a way.

But she was too good. He knew she had a clean record in school. She had a clean record in her previous company. She had a clean record everywhere. Well, perhaps everywhere except those dark Internet alleys. Just in case he couldn’t find anything to use against her, he could still make something up.

Maybe he didn’t have to find anything. Maybe her being a woman would put the odds in his favor. Surely they’d know that he would be the more hardworking one. Surely they’d know he’d be more reliable, less prone to fickle emotions and mood swings. Surely…

Or maybe not. What if they were the type of people who wanted eye candy? That would mean… And they might not have to pay her as much… well, if they were that kind of company.

They couldn’t. He needed this job. This was his sixth job interview this month. That girl… she looked all too positive. It was probably her first, or maybe second. Let her have a couple more rejections. She could probably handle a few more rejections.

But he had face it. They were at equal footing. Well, maybe not so equal footing. Ugh, fine, equal, depending on how he chose to look at it.

He was already getting a headache. Maybe he just had to let go of his sexist mentality and just let the best person win.


Week #36: Dearest Future

Dearest Future,

I am looking forward to you. At the same time, I am absolutely terrified of you. You are something so bright and hopeful yet still so dark and uncertain. I want you to come quickly. But I still want these days to stretch on and on because when you are finally here, will you be all as I expected you to be?

What if you’re not? There can only be two possibilities. Or three, let’s say three if I am an absolute prophet.

Possibility one: I’d have set my hopes up for nothing. You are just as bleak as some people say. I’ll be disappointed, wishing another future would come quickly by.

Possibility two: you are so much better than I expected. Everything’s rosier. Bliss will overtake me. I’ll be saying, “These are all so much better than all of my dreams put together.”

Possibility two: everything is exactly as I had dreamed they will be. How that will happen, I am not sure. But I’ll look around at everything and say, yep, all is as all should be.

I truly hope it won’t be the first. I truly hope it would be one of the other two.

But then again, I’ll just look to God. Whatever you may bring, I know in my heart, He’ll be in control of everything.

Let's look forward. :)
Let’s look forward. :)


Three sets to go! Is the year really passing by that quickly???

36. Subject: What are you looking forward to?
37. First Line: He wanted her job, and it would be easy enough to discredit her
38. Dialogue: “Does he know about the baby?”
39. Scenario: A friend has been staying with you since his relationship break-up. He has overstayed his welcome but you don’t want to ask him to leave. Think of an imaginative scheme to make him decide to go?
40. Title: Messages in a Bottle

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Weeks #34&35: A Far Cry from the Mountain

34. Scenario: A man lies close to death. Describe the images from his childhood that fill his mind.
35. Title: A Far Cry From The Mountain

The mountain is a lonely place to be. It’s freezing here at the peak. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as cold if I had someone here with me. But it’s just me. Then again, it was my choice to climb this mountain alone.

Sonny, John, and Sandy… I should have brought them with me. They love the great outdoors. And we always have fun when we’re together. Had. We always had fun. When was the last time I had fun? Going up this mountain was fun. The view is amazing. Breathtaking. Janey was breathaking. Even as a kid. How her hair flew all around her face when she swung in the swing set next to our house. Blue. Or house was painted blue. But then father lost his job and we moved in to a trailer because the mortgage was too high to keep up. They should have let me find a job. But. Public school it was. Public school wasn’t so bad. I made a lot of good friends. Most of them have babies now. Kids. Kids going to primary school. I don’t mind. I’m happy with my life. I could be happier. But I am happy. Happy as the time mother baked us apple pie for the first time. Apple pie is the bomb. I wish I brought some with me. I can taste the sweet, spicy, cinnammon-y sauce in my lips. Frozen lips. Some hot chocolate would be nice to warm it off. Grandma’s hot choco is the best. I miss her.

I miss everyone. I wonder if everyone will miss me, too?


Week #33: Defiance

33. Dialogue: “Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress.”

“Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress.”

“It’s the norm, honey. Why question the norm?”

“Why not question the norm? Why do we women have to wear dresses and not pantsuits like the men do?”

“Darling, you’re asking dangerous questions.”

“Why must women stay home and keep the house? Why can’t we pursue our own dreams, our own careers.”

“Dearest, I think it’s best you keep your thoughts to yourself.”

“Why? Aren’t I — aren’t we allowed to question why?”

“Sweetie. Just stop. This conversation has to end now.”


Week #32: Between

32. First Line: That summer seemed to last forever

That summer
To last
Lazy days by the sea
Just dreaming of you and me

It’s winter
In your part
Of the world
You say you’re cozy
And you’re warm
But I know you’d rather
Have me in your arms

Tonight, tonight
I want to be
By your side
Transcend the seasons
And the reasons
Why we’re still

Where there’s a will
There’ll always be a way
And love will surely
Will save the day
So now
We’ll have to meet halfway
Until we are together
And till there are no more barriers

Between me
And you

Catching Up + Weeks #30&31: The Skeleton in the Village

I have some writing to catch up on. Will be mashing up the last item from the last set and the first item from this one:

31. Subject: Write about a train journey.
32. First Line: That summer seemed to last forever
33. Dialogue: “Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress.”
34. Scenario: A man lies close to death. Describe the images from his childhood that fill his mind.
35. Title: A Far Cry From The Mountain

Care to join me in a train journey?

* * *

30. Title: The Skeleton in the Village
31. Subject: Write about a train journey


There’s something about slow, intentional travels that make sojourners like me sink into a deep melancholy. Today’s journey is no different. Especially since I’m headed to a place one can’t help but feel nostalgic about.

Today, I’m going back to the past.

The train chugs along lazily. Trees wave surreal branches at me as I pass from one station to another. A thousand suns rise and set with each mile passed and, with each burst of golden orange, I know I’m closer to my destination.

By the time my ride draws to a stop I already know that I’m here. I’m in the Past. I’m in a village filled with remnants of my childhood, of my teenage years, of some early days of my adulthood, too. I breathe in — slowly — take my bags, and get out of my coach.

Everything’s exactly as I remembered. The squeaky swing sets are still there. Mr. Chipmunk’s store is still up and running like it’s business as usual. The driveway is filled with bicycles, scooters, roller blades, and a roller skate that I’ve always claimed as mine. I want to get on the swings, buy tsoknut from the store, put on the old skate, but I stop myself.

I’m here to retrieve one thing.

There’s a skeleton hiding somewhere in this village. I need to bring it with me to the present. People don’t usually do that. People usually keep these skeletons locked up in the past, in the darkness, where no one can bring them to the light. But that’s exactly what I need to do — bring it to the light.

I once read that if you shine light on something, you can set that something free. I want to be free. I don’t want to be haunted by that skeleton anymore. But the light in the past isn’t enough. Only the light in the present is.

I find the skeleton underneath the staircase leading up our house. Its pungent aroma hits my nose. I’m surprised nobody’s found it. I’m surprised nobody’s dared to relocate it, bury it, or even throw it away. But then, of course, nobody lives in the Past. Nobody’s bothered by it.

Only I, who knows it’s there, am.

I throw my black travelling bag over it. Fix it up. Zip it up. Pick it up as I head back to the train station so that I could make my way back into the present.

It’s time to set myself free.


Week #29: Spiderwoman

I feel helpless at times. Especially when I see people far more helpless than me. Some form of hero complex starts kicking in – can I save this person? But does the person want or need saving? Should I step out or should I keep still?

I saw a man being hit in the street once. What was I to do? Put on a spider costume, shoot super strong web slings out? Dodge the attackers every move because everything else around me moves in slow mo? I don’t think so.

I wish I could but I’m just an ordinary Jane. No reference intended to Spidey’s Mary Jane.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” someone said. But what if you don’t really have power? Should you be held responsible still?

I believe we all have some sort of responsibility. Perhaps it can be true that with some form of responsibility comes some form of power as well.

Then with great responsibility, we’ll be given great power, too.