We’re like magnets —
polar opposites drawn
towards each other, inadvertently
gravitating and colliding into
one another
in the most poetic ways possible.

On Moving Forward

I’m laying my life down
again. Awakening from a season
of rest to come and heed
this call, disamplified like murmurs. In
truth it has never left my

I’ve learned to be stripped of crowns, I’ve learned to
be, but now it’s time to move
and do.

To come before the throne room, to
live a life of childlike, unashamed worship, to
sing songs that touch
the Father’s heart.

To call forth nations as
my inheritance, to
be an instrument in seeing
God’s glory cover the whole earth
just as water covers the sea.

To serve the people, to embrace
family, to have one heart with this

No more molting, it’s time for soaring.

Kapal Terbang

Let me fly high. I will soar
across the stratosphere, my fingertips grabbing
tufts of clouds and dreams floating
in the oceanic sky.

I’ve been on this flight before.
Destination: an unknown future. Which I
must willingly embrace as I spin
and tumble through the air, wings
outstretched, hands
lifted in surrender, feet
poised to take on an unknown territory. An
unknown territory called

Fear is a familiar form of
turbulence. Tossed in with anxiety,
plus sleeplessness, plus unnecessary
pressure. But a buzzing excitement
gets me through. This is an
opportunity to start anew. I shroud myself
with optimistic hope and
bump fear,
bump worry,
bump insomnia,
bump all the pressure aside.

I am coming home.

I will run, I will fly, this is not me
being anchored back to the shore. This is me
flying towards a brand new
chapter, a brand new

21 Days of Poetry: Author’s Choice #3

And the challenge is done! It was fun – somewhat stress relieving – to think in terms of poetry for the past 21 days.

Well, here is choice #3. And if you liked this project, stay tuned for an announcement I’m very excited to make next week (eek).

Here goes –


The future is unwritten
Yet brimming
With adventure
— Unlimitted possibilities

I face it head on
Believing in that thing called

I believe in the vision
I believe in God’s call for me.

21 Days of Poetry: Author’s Choice #2

Day 15 done. Six days to go. Here is choice #2:

Fall Into Place V2

So much legalities
I’d no sooner
Give up —
With all the car loans,
House rents,
Job tansitions —
Hold up!

Everything will fall into place
The way they did
Six years before.

This one deserves a special mention:

Still Breathing

Breathe in
Breathe out
Everything’s going to work out fine

Breathe in
Breathe out
Remember — just take it one step at a time

Breathe in
Breathe out
It’s okay — you’re almost there

Breathe in
Breath out
You’re good — you’re still breathing air

Well, I’m starting to fall in love with poetry. Maybe I can do more of these. <3

21 Days of Poetry: Author’s Choice #1

10 days in. I will be choosing three poems to share here. The best ones, so far, I think. Here is choice #1:

Love Letters

This back and forth
Exchange of mail
Sent in packets
Through time
Sways through the air
Like lovers
Moving in a slow
Tentative dance

I bear my heart
You bear yours –
Our words embracing us and each other

Electronic ink
Temporarily standing in for
Our hands
Our breaths
Our lips
And sighs

Week #32: Between

32. First Line: That summer seemed to last forever

That summer
To last
Lazy days by the sea
Just dreaming of you and me

It’s winter
In your part
Of the world
You say you’re cozy
And you’re warm
But I know you’d rather
Have me in your arms

Tonight, tonight
I want to be
By your side
Transcend the seasons
And the reasons
Why we’re still

Where there’s a will
There’ll always be a way
And love will surely
Will save the day
So now
We’ll have to meet halfway
Until we are together
And till there are no more barriers

Between me
And you

Week #20: Driving through a Rainbow

20. Title: Driving Through A Rainbow

I’m driving through a rainbow
Because you’re right here by my side
Stay here, please, forever
Sit back, enjoy the ride
Colors fly by past us
Reds, oranges, and greens
Let’s look around in wonder
In this highway made of dreams

Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala
Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala

As we drive
You and I
Sing a perfect little jive
Though opposites
Somehow we fit
And make each other come alive

Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala
Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala

I shift from five to four
We’re not rushing that’s for sure
We’ll take in the view
Take pictures too
And journey on some more

Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala
Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala

Slow and steady
Till we’re ready
Shift the gears back down to three
Wait a bit more
Learn what’s in store
Before we go back up to four

Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala
Lala la lala, we’re singing lala la lala

We’re driving through a rainbow
Livin’, laughin’, lovin’ too
I’ll ride this car forever
Because I’m happy here with you