Worshipper’s Reward

“Honor a prophet in the name of a prophet and you will receive a prophet’s reward.” (Matt 10:41)

Honor a worshipper and you will also receive a worshipper’s reward.

Ask me who my favorite singer, musician, or worship leader is and you’ll get some moments of silence.

Because I don’t have one. I have many.

With all the wonderful and inspiring musicians out there, why pick just one? (I’ll leave that “picking just one” for the case of choosing a partner in life. Oh. And of course that discipler.)

Well, this is just my own opinion. Affected most probably by my somewhat impartial nature. Anyway. Back to the question. I won’t be able to give you a single answer. But maybe I’ll be able to give you five.

Or more. But for now let’s go with five.

I admire many worship leaders, but being a biased female, I’ll present my top five in the women worship leaders category. Okay, I’m not really gender-biased. I just feel greater kinship to women (what with life and experiences) – thus the lean towards the feminine. But don’t worry, I’ll write another post about male worship leaders next time.

The women in the list below have sung and written songs which have made significant impacts at various points in my life. Their lives are also testimonies, and I share them to you with the intention of getting (and leaking out) the worshipper’s rewards.

So, in no particular order, here goes.

1. Misty Edwards

Known for: Favorite One, Strings, Relentless
My personal faves: Just in Time, Vow, Fling Wide, What does love look like?
Website/blog/whatever: http://www.mistyedwards.com/

Fell in love back in 2006 because of Favorite One. I am astounded by the depth of this woman and by the depth of her revelation of God as a Lover looking for a lover. For years, her songs have inspired me to dig deeper.

Deep is calling out to deep is calling out to deep (3x)

Yesterday’s depth is feeling really shallow
I’ve gotta go deeper, deeper, deeper still
And all Your waves and all Your billows crash over me
Pulling me deep, deep, deeper
From glory to glory, from strength to strength
From depth to depth, I want to fellowship with You

(Misty Edwards, Soul Cry)

2. Bethany Dillon

Known for: Beautiful, Dreamer, All I Need
My personal faves: Stop and Listen, Revolutionaries, Lead me on, For my Love, Are you sure
Website/blog/whatever: http://www.bethanydillon.com/, http://bethanydillon.wordpress.com/

Started recording at age 13, got her happily ever after at 19, had Lucy Barnard at 22… This girl is amazing! She’s an awesome talent as well. I love the huskiness in her voice, the poetry in her lyrics – basically how words just tumble out into beautifully crafted lines.

My faith feels like a furnace of loneliness
My rescue is invisible for now
But I can’t seem to shake this hope so dangerous
I will love and follow You, Unseen God

(Bethany Dillon, Come Find Me)

I also love how she writes about everyday life as well, or rather how we reach out to God as we go on with our daily lives. Really. Stop and Listen was my most played track during my oh-so-busy days.

3. Rita Springer

Known for: Worth it All, Fragrant Offering, Created to Worship
My personal faves: Intimate Stranger, You Still Have My Heart, What About God?
Website/blog/whatever: http://www.ritaspringer.com/

Of all the women in this list, Rita Springer, by far amazes me the most. She’s had her share of burdens – tumors in her uterus, singleness, betrayal… But she’s had greater breakthroughs still – an adopted African son named Justice, the DIVE School of Worship, and of course the numerous songs that have touched numerous lives.

I have to believe that He sees my darkness
I have to believe He knows my pain
I have to lift up my hands to worship
Worship His name

He said that He’s forever faithful
He said that He’s forever true
He said that He can move mountains
If He can move mountains
He can move my mountain, He can move your mountain too

(Rita Springer, I have to Believe)

4. Vicky Beeching

Known for: Captivated, Yesterday Today and Forever
My personal faves: All that I need, Break our Hearts, Join the Song, 26 Summers
Website/blog/whatever: http://vickybeeching.com/blog/

Theologically grounded, technologically advanced… Okay I’m no Oxford School of Theology graduate, but I can relate to Vicky Beeching when it comes to being a tech geek. When she’s not singing her heart out to God, Vicky maintains blogs and websites aimed to inspire and equip women worship leaders. She also keeps a blog filled with cyber stuff, exploring questions about God, the Church, and theology, and how technology fits into all of these things.

And really. I’ve loved this girl since All that I need – a song that I sing whenever questions about tomorrow flood my heart.

Every mountain I face
Every step of this race
I have nothing to fear
For Jesus You are here
All that I need to know for tomorrow
All that I need to know for today
Is that you’ll be with me each moment
Holding me close to you every step of the way

(Vicky Beeching, All that I need)

5. Kari Jobe

Known for: Revelation Song, No Sweeter Name, I’m Singing
My personal faves: You are for me, Pure, Singing over me, Joyfully, Everyone Needs a Little
Website/blog/whatever: http://www.karijobe.com/

One of the sweetest worshippers with that equally sugary voice. She’s swept us away, shown us to the sanctuary, and told the world that there’s no sweeter name than the name of Jesus. Loved her because of Beautiful, and loved her even more when a friend gave me a CD with her songs – songs that helped me get through a lot of dark and stormy days.

In addition to all that… I truly admire her for her down to earth nature. She wears mismatching socks, squeals and giggles, and takes pictures of anything and everything. I love this gal.

Come and find
Peace everyone needs a little
Rest everyone needs a little
Joy and a song to sing in the darkest night
Life even when it gets you down
Hope will turn it all around
But love is the greatest of these
Everyone needs a little

(Kari Jobe, Everyone Needs a Little)

So. I hope you are blessed by this short list of levites. Really, you’ll learn morea bout them and receive more of the worshipper’s anointing as you listen to their songs and even perhaps go to their sites.

* * *

So now, this levite is signing off and leaving you with a video and a little song of her own. The musical influences from the aforementioned list really show. :D

God and Glee

I watched Glee’s Grilled Cheesus again. I so needed to de-stress and amnesia victim Acer didn’t have any good movies on drive D. All it had was Glee.

So, it was either Grilled Cheesus or Britney/Brittany. The Brit episode I had already watched a hundred times because loading it a hundred times on the net forced me to do so.  I also had Audition, but just the first 18 minutes of it because Jaring never did let me download the whole thing. Hrmm. Tough choices.

Tear-jerking Grilled Cheesus it was.

I’m not really sure what it was that Ryan Murphy wanted the episode to convey to the Gleeks of the world. For all I know, the whole thing had an entirely different message from the one that I got. Still, the 43 plus minutes of songs and crazy dialogue spoke to me. Not in the way that the Grilled Cheesus spoke to Finn, but rather in a deep, deep, make-tears-come-out-of-your-eyes-forever-and-ever way.



Uhh. Not a Grilled Cheesus.


I am tempted to reveal plot spoilers here but I’d rather not. Watch it for yourself and see if you won’t get a hair-raising experience listening to Amber Riley (Mercedes) belt out Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You”. Oh no. Spoiler right there.

So how do I express everything that I want to express without giving any major thing in the plot away?

Let me just do it this way. After watching the episode (and after crying my eyes out for the nth time), this memory flashed into my mind. It was a memory of a seven-year-old (I think) Mari rushing in to her parents’ bedroom with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Bakit ka umiiyak, anak?” (Why are you crying, my child?)

“Kasi, kasi, di na ako good girl! Baka di na ako makapasok sa heaven…!” (Because I’m no longer a good girl. I might not be able to enter heaven!)

I really can’t remember what it was that I did that caused the outburst or what it was that my mom said to correct my theology… But the memory just flashed there. Because it reminded me of that first time that the child in me ever longed for something eternal, ever yearned for something intangible, ever dreamed for something a lot of people call unreal… and yet for the first time felt “somethings” like that were just so extremely hard to reach and so incredibly hard to find.

Connect this with Grilled Cheesus, please, Mari?

Well, the episode made me realize how there is indeed this God shaped hole inside each one of us. A longing and a need for something “sacred”, the show said. And there are so many ways that many of us try to fill this hole… many things that many of us consider “sacred”… and I know it really is “to each his own”…

But the bottom line (for me) is this. People need the Lord.

Another memory just flashed through my mind. A high-school version of me singing in the high school choir (no, we didn’t call it Glee club, but Sir Bansiong was like Mr. Schue to some of the girls at school. Haha). We sang “People need the Lord” by Steve Green as a doxology.

Everyday they pass me by/I can see it in their eyes/Empty people filled with care/Headed who knows where?/ On they go through private pain/Living fear to fear/ Laughter hides their silent cries/Only Jesus Hears.

People need the Lord, people need the Lord/At the end of broken dreams, He’s the open door/ People need the Lord, people need the Lord/ When will we realize, people need the Lord?

I never really understood that song way back when. But now the lyrics are so real to me.

So here’s what I learned from God and Glee – people need the Lord. : )


Warm Socks Feel Like Home

Warm socks feel like home. They especially feel like home when they are worn under big rubber shoes. The combination shields my feet from the wetness of the sporadic “ber” rains. They save me from all feeling of squishy-ishy discomfort. They spare me from having to ride buses and trains with wet and freezing cold lower appendages.

Warm socks feel like home. Wearing them to sleep during these chilly “ber” nights sends me back to my room in La Trinidad. There I have a huge collection of long woolly (and well worn) socks which have always been useful when the cold months rolled around.

When I wear them and wiggle my toes under my Za’ba blankets, I feel like I’m not in Malaysia. I feel like my Mom would come knocking on my door any second, forcing me to get up.

Just like home. :)

Warm socks feel like home. But more like Home is my Resting Place who constantly shields me from every storm, who tells me when I’m all squishy and uncomfy that “Everything will turn out fine and dandy.”

More like Home is the Warm Embrace that covers me from head to toe, thawing away the coldness of my heart and bringing me back to the very Place where I belong.

Back to Him. Because He is my very Home.

When all is said and done, after nature and the whole work and acad load have all poured down, after the nights’ and the situations’ coldness have all passed, we would always find ourselves looking for… yearning… wanting to go back to that Home.

Well. He is our Home.


Written while I was wriggling my toes inside warm comfy socks. While waiting somewhere out there. :)

Dear God

Dear God,

All packed up.

I’m here right now sitting in front of my almost empty desk, staring at my almost empty wall. The only things in front of me are the necessities – my change of clothes, my shampoo and toothbrush, my purse, my hairbrush, and my mirror. Oh, and my laptop. Everything else is already packed up, cramped into four bags, one plastic storage container, one laundry bag, and – tsk, tsk, tsk. When did I accumulate so much stuff? Guess I’ll be building some muscles tomorrow. Have to lug all these things out of my room because it’s checkout season here at the dorm once again. But I thank You because my Malaysian family is here to help me relocate.

Sigh. Last night here in this room. But hey. I’ve only been in this room for two months. I’ve already been through five rooms (this being the fifth) so it’s really no biggie. But I guess it’s different this time, because as I sit here preparing to move, I’m also mulling over my stay here in Malaysia.

It’s been a year already.

Well, almost. I got here on the 24th remember? Flew off on the eve of the 23rd, landed in the morn of the 24th. And got swept away at once to the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

Funny, Lord. But that was one crazy experience. A one-in-a-million kind of experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. Seriously. I thank You for that experience. And I thank You for all the other experiences here – good, awesome, weird, crazy, dramatic, freaky, whatever – as well.

Thank You. Terima Kasih. Maraming Salamat po. I guess that’s the very thing that this heart is saying right now. I just want to thank You for all that You’ve done in my stay here, all that You are doing, and all that You will continue to do.

I thank You because You’ve brought me to situations that bring out the strength of my heart, the courage from within, showing that this little crybaby is really more than what meets the eye. I thank You for giving me friends who understand that crybaby, who are always just an e-mail or a buzz away. I also thank You because You have given me a family here as well – I know I’m not alone in this land – I will always have them to share trials, triumphs, tears and laughter with.

And I thank You because You have given me a family supportive enough to release this little girl into a wild, wild world (according to Dad and Cat Stevens), allowing her to chase and live out her dreams.

And I thank You, Lord, most of all for believing in me and for bringing people into my life who believe in me as well. I cry whenever I hear and sing these lines: “I have never walked on water, felt the waves beneath my feet but at Your word Lord, I’ll receive Your faith to walk on oceans deep. And I remember how You found me in that very same place. All my failing surely would have drowned me But You made a way…” (Here in my Life by Hillsong United)

Me. One year ago. :)

I thank You, most of all, because you believed in me first.

I would never be who I am right now, doing the things I do, if it were not for You.

I love You, Lord. I always will. Thank You for this first year in Malaysia. And I look forward to “the more” up ahead.

Your Daughter,

Mari Anjeli

I’ll Stay Amazed

For quite some time, I’ve been swinging back and forth between two extremes: being overly emotional and being excessively emotionally “numb”. On one hand, I’d be too busy with busyness to feel rapture and despair, but on the other extreme hand, during those days of un-busyness, I would tend to feel too much, ending up sleepless because of all the unsorted-out emotions.

I woke up one day realizing that I needed to strike a balance somewhere. I needed to find a middle ground. Because if I didn’t, I’d probably end up being bipolar or something. That wouldn’t be good.

So how do I strike that balance? How do I keep myself from switching back and forth between Ice Queen and Emo Girl and stay… stay… stay…

… stay as what? Stay as what, Mari?

Well, as a child, I guess.

A child.

Whoa. How do I strike a balance? Lo and behold, there’s the answer to my question right there. To strike a balance, I simply need to stay as a child. Become a child. Remain in that childlike state. For it is in that childlike state – it is in living in my identity as a daughter (and a precious and deeply loved one at that) – that I can chuck the Ice Queen and Emo Girl costumes away and live out my true, non-bipolarish identity.

While listening to the Friday meeting this evening, I received this picture from Daddy God.

A child in His hands. Staying amazed.

It’s a little girl, clothed in the color of royalty, shining like a diadem in the hands of the Father. The rapture on her face exhibits delight (her Maker amazes her), and okay, her outfit sort of looks like some sort of pajama, but I can explain that. In Cambodia, we learned that pajamas are the fashion for the rich and elite. You would see people wearing pajamas in broad daylight. But the thing is, it is only those who could afford the outfit who would dare strut around the streets in those matching teddy-bear or checkered prints. Well the little girl isn’t wearing prints, but she’s wearing royal pajamas nonetheless, showing that she is of a more than well-off status.

And she is hugging her knees, the same thing that I was doing as Jovelyn Saligumba was belting out “Stay Amazed” in the Destiny Livestream.

To put it simply, that child is God’s picture of me. And so that will be the picture that I will continue to be.

But that drawing isn’t just simply intended for me. Sure, it is a reminder of my identity, a reminder to remain as that child whose staying amazed blocks out both numbness and emo-rides. But I believe that picture could also be for you. For you might have been wearing some sort of costume (not necessarily the Ice Queen and Emo Girl ones) when God is just calling you to simply live as a child in His hands. You know. Delighting in Him. Staying amazed.

Know what? I’ll stay amazed. Let’s all stay amazed.

Coloured Pieces of Paper

Rain down.

It’s raining paper. Coloured pieces of paper. Folded in half, coming down in torrents of pinks, yellows, blues, and neon greens. Face turned upward, arms outstretched, I allow myself to be lost in the colourful, colourful stream.

The pieces of paper are actually notes. I love notes. Words have a powerful impact on me and, written down, they are something that I can go back to, hold close to my heart, and read over and over and over again.

During one crazy “dating game” where I unwittingly found myself as the “searcher”, I was asked what kind of gift would make me go gaga. I simply said, “Anything. As long as there’s a note.” Notes – may they be novels or simple one liners – indicate that some thought has been put into the gift. I don’t care much about a gift’s monetary value. What matters to me is the heart value.

So on the cold night that the picture of the rain of coloured notes came to me, it is needless to say that I was so, so, so hopelessly messed up. (Messed up in a good, good way, of course.) To me, a shower of notes is synonymous to a shower of love.

I saw the folded pieces of paper coming down like confetti in a wide open field. I saw myself in the middle of the field, receiving the notes, being overwhelmed, stopping every now and then to read and meditate. One note read, “You are valuable.” Another read, “You are precious.” And another, “You are the apple of My eyes.” There were about a million or more of them in that field.

“How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them, they outnumber the grains of sand!” (Psalm 139:17-18, NLT)

God’s thoughts for me are like the grains of sand – uncountable.

And His thoughts for me are like the coloured paper raining down on that open field. Numerous, generous, and so, so precious.

Now freely I receive, freely I will also give.

It is still raining paper. Coloured pieces of paper.

What’s up, Mari?

Date: February 3, 2010 (11:20am)
Place: UKM Library (Entry initially written at the back of my printouts)

Would you be completely weirded out if you would find some girl crying in some lone cubicle of some not-so-lone floor of some not-so-lone library? I probably would. I mean, come on. The library isn’t the place for crying. Definitely not the place for releasing everything in tears.

I mean, it’s just weird.

Which is why I am doing my absolute best to keep tears from spilling from my eyes.

No, I’m not facing some huge, gigantuous problem. And no, my research and coursework are still under control.

I want to cry because… because… because…

What’s up, Mari?

Can I let Jake Hamilton answer that question? He’s singing out “Embrace” on my mp3 player, as of writing time.

Wanna feel Your embrace
Wanna feel Your arms around me
Wanna feel Your heart beating
Next to mine…
And it’s telling me
It’s all gonna be okay… It’s all gonna be okay…
It’s all gonna be okay… It’s all gonna be okay…


Lord I want to see Your face
I want to see who I can be
I want to see what You can see
In the mirror of Your eyes
And You’re telling me
It’s all gonna be okay… It’s all gonna be okay…
It’s all gonna be okay… It’s all gonna be okay…

For I know, if Your eye is on the sparrow
Then Your heart is on me
Yes I know, If Your eye is on the sparrow
Then Your heart is on me…

To be loved so completely and so deeply by One so awesome and so great. To be so aware of His very nearness. To be told that everything’s gonna be okay. To see myself the very way that He sees me. To have His heart on me. To be loved. To simply, yet amazingly, be loved.

Sigh. Okay. Because everyone’s blogging about love, love, love, I had so set it in my heart not to – I really wanted to write something about excellence, about glory, and about increasing your value… but I guess I can’t help but let this “love thing” “creep in”.

Because how would you pursue excellence, why would you want to desire glory, and how on earth would you increase in value if you do not know Love – if you have not Love, if you desire not Love, and if you shun it away and all its mysteries?

Since the start of the year, I’ve been so fired up in wanting to be excellent in all things. “I want to be the best MS student that I can be. The best daughter that I could be. The best friend. The best worshipper. The best me.” Why? Well, because when we are glorious, as Daddy Paul says, we attract Glory.

And so I’ve been shifting my lifestyle – sleeping early, getting up a good two hours before the first class of the day begins, letting go of some things and learning to re-learn a couple of others.

But, as Paul to the Corinthian church said, without Love it is all worthless. If it is not because of Love, if it is not operated in Love, and if it does not produce Love – then why am I even doing all these????

Why? Bakit? Mengapa?

I’m realizing why Jake Hamilton is breaking me right now.

Because I am reminded once again of His love. Reminded of His embrace. And as I am reminded, I long – for Him, for His love, to be lost in His embrace. That when I do all these things – I do them IN Love. Because without Love, all these things are nothing. Without Love, I myself am nothing.

I guess the main reason why this girl is struggling not to cry in some lone cubicle of some not-so-lone floor of some not-so-lone library is because Jake Hamilton’s Embrace speaks so much about what she’s going through right now, when her own words can’t really answer the question “Kumusta ka na?”

MS vs BS and the Pieces of the Puzzle

There’s a big difference between an MS and a BS. And it’s not just the obvious fact that one starts with an ‘M’ and that the other with a ‘B’.

The difference isn’t just in the wardrobe preferences either. Truth be told, though you would find me sporting ‘professional’, ‘corporate’ outfits most days, there are still ‘haggard’ days that you’d catch me wearing a pair of good ol’ rubber shoes – sorry t’merc.

Okay, please don’t hit me on the head when I state this difference right here: Compared to BS students, most MS students are better thinkers.

I told you not to hit me on the head.

I’m talking about students here, by the way, not graduates. (I’m not saying that those holding the MS diplomas are the more superior thinkers of society!) I’m just saying that most MS students think better than BS students. Okay, let me rephrase that. Most MS students think better than how they did as BS students (now that’s better).

Or maybe it’s just me.

Yeah, I think it is just me.

The thing is, I realized something last Monday. I’m now more analytical when it comes to my classes. And my attention span is much, much better. (I think)

For those who don’t know me, I used to daydream and doodle a lot during my undergraduate years.(Now that’s a revelation!) Heartfelt apologies to my previous professors and instructors. But – in all honesty – most days I would just sit through classes drawing on the margins of my notebooks, thinking about something that happened that day, pondering on the events that are to take place that week, fixing up my oh-so-haggard schedule, and then counting the minutes until that class ends and the next one starts.

Because unless you’d tell me why and how that class is important to my life, you’d lose me. Definitely lose me. (Side note: And this is the reason why I always used to emphasize the courses’ importance and relevance to my previous classes back during my teaching days! Haha!)

But now that my tuition fee is much, much higher, and because it took me a great amount of effort to get my four IT subjects this semester – I’m subconsciously learning to be more ‘effort-full’ in listening to my lecturers.

And maybe it’s because I’m now trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, trying to see how all these Masters subjects are going to fit into the rest of my life.

A note to all who want to pursue their Masters degree – you shouldn’t do it just because it’s the trend. You do it because you want to specialize. Because there were lessons in your BS days that you weren’t able to learn but you oh so want to learn about now. And because those things that you want to learn about are the things that you want to use for the rest of your life.

This is coming from a girl whose wildest dreams include working as a magazine editor, having a bestseller published, and getting a recording album produced.

Funny right? That’s why I’m trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Because why take up MS in IT? Why pursue knowledge on databases, automata, networking, and service dominant logic??? What do all these have to do with Mari and the Mari that God wants me to be???

There’s this course that makes my heart race whenever I think about it. Multimedia Innovation. Whenever Kuya Anthony talks about his light trap and the new inventions that he has percolating in his mind, I see these light bulbs and sparks going on and off in his head. Know what? I get that way whenever my lecturer talks about ‘Photoshop’, ‘Flash’, ‘Sound Forge’, and ‘Premier’.

But what about everything else? How does everything else fit into my life?

Yes, I’m 21 years old and I’m pondering deeply about these things. Because I don’t want to waste time and money (not to mention sleep and precious brain cells) on things that I’m never going to really use anyway. Or on things that don’t matter. Or on things that aren’t ‘me’. Or on things that won’t be really used for God’s glory.


“In your heart of hearts, what is it that you want to do? What is it that you think you are called to do?” I remember a pastor asking me that question a few weeks before my 20th birthday way back in 2008. I never really gave her my answer. But if you would ask me that question right now, my answer would this: I want to teach. I want to equip and inspire young minds and hearts, unlocking the destinies of each one. I want to see hearts ablaze and eyes lighting up as possibilities of their future are opened up before them. I want to see students finding their very purpose in life and I want to see them walking in it.

There’s a purpose why I’m in IT. There are many great minds entering and venturing the field of IT these days. The Web is one of our time’s most influential mediums. So what happens when a daughter like me influences young men and women whose skills and talents would be used shape one of our generation’s most powerful tools?

But I can never teach what I do not know. You can tell whether a lecturer is teaching out of his or her experience or whether that person is just making things up as he or she is going along. I don’t want to be a mere actress in front of my students. I want them to get something that is of substance. Something that I truly know and can speak authoritatively about.

One of my favourite ICS shirts has a print in front that says, “We can change the world”. I want to teach in such a way that my students will know AND walk in that.

And so this is the reason why I’m saving up a considerable amount of Ringgit and losing a considerable amount of sleep. I now see my MS as an investment.

I will get every lesson I can get from every lecture and have every word and theory inculcated into my system. Letting those things become life so that when I pour them out to the next generation – they will become life for them as well.

I will make the most out every assignment. Learning what I can learn. Gaining experience in whatever way I can gain experience in. That I may truly become an expert and that when I would eventually talk to my students – I would KNOW what I’m talking about.

And I will be excellent in my research. As I delve into e-commerce, as I go deeper into service science, and as I try to create a new framework for business-to-business companies – I pursue excellence because I am a representative of the Creator God who can make something out of nothing. And so this research will be a testimony. To me. To my faculty. To the e-marketplace. And eventually to my students.

I see myself teaching for the rest of my life. Teaching life. In the Computer Science classroom setting. In the church setting. In the family setting. Even in the Internet setting – teaching through multimedia when time and distance won’t permit me to do the actual face-to-face thing (I have this blog to start things off right? And who knows – maybe I’ll develop something that would revolutionize teaching through multimedia innovation!)

I’ll be working up a lot of brain cells tonight. I have two papers due early next week. One for Multimedia Innovation and another for my research. Burning the midnight oil would be a pain and a sacrifice if I did not know or if I did not consider the greater purpose of this night’s puyatan session.

But now that the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, I can go through this night joyfully.

Not to mention this semester the semesters to come.

Happy new year, everyone!