This is Scribbles and Stories. Here you will find life, lessons and insights from a scribbler on the roof. All reloaded, because this is an updated version of an old (but much, much loved) blog.

I write when inspiration strikes. And that’s very frequent because I find inspiration from the smallest things each and every day. And I write because I also want to inspire others. I want to bless, encourage, and stir up hearts and minds.

I am a storyteller. Thus, I write long.

I am an artist. Thus, the artwork shown in this blog are mine, unless stated otherwise.

I am a student who’s taking hold of the mountain of education. Thus, I also write “geekified” pieces. (Okay, I’ve already graduated from my MIT. But I am still a student of life. And I still want to conquer that mountain. Geek and nerd forever.)

And I am just a child with a huge, huge imagination. So here, you’ll find stories — real, surreal, fiction, and non-fiction — about different people, different objects — all born out of a creative mind.

Welcome to my blog. : )

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The Scribbler

23 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Mari!

    First: As a longtime WordPress.com blogger… “Welcome to the WordPress.com platform!” :D

    Second: Just stopping by to say, “Hi!”

    Third: As always, terrific simplistic layout; brilliant writing.

    Looking forward to your other posts!

    Cheers! And Happy Easter!

    1. Yey! :D

      First: Terima kasih banyak-banyak for welcoming me here.

      Second: “Hi!” din! Wehehe.

      Third: Thank you. :) I’ll return the compliment. ;) Add kita to my blogroll, ‘kay?

      Wee. See you around the blogging world!

      Cheers! Happy Easter as well!

  2. hello, this is a cool site! can i credit you for the piano picture? would i just put your website address? wow, i really don’t know how to use this, if i could send you a message that doesn’t go up for the whole world to see, that’d be easier!!

  3. I just realized that I was also dreaming of this kind of blog during my high school days.
    I love to draw back then and write short stories of any sort of kind. Thanks sketches and scribbles I might revisit my long lost passion….

      1. I just did. I named the blog “dashboard of thoughts”. I hope you can check it out when I publish my first post. Thanks you!

      2. Do you remember that comment I had?
        hahaha. after a century I finally had my first publish. I hope you can check it out.


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