21 Days of Poetry: Author’s Choice #3

And the challenge is done! It was fun – somewhat stress relieving – to think in terms of poetry for the past 21 days.

Well, here is choice #3. And if you liked this project, stay tuned for an announcement I’m very excited to make next week (eek).

Here goes –


The future is unwritten
Yet brimming
With adventure
— Unlimitted possibilities

I face it head on
Believing in that thing called

I believe in the vision
I believe in God’s call for me.

21 Days of Poetry: Author’s Choice #2

Day 15 done. Six days to go. Here is choice #2:

Fall Into Place V2

So much legalities
I’d no sooner
Give up —
With all the car loans,
House rents,
Job tansitions —
Hold up!

Everything will fall into place
The way they did
Six years before.

This one deserves a special mention:

Still Breathing

Breathe in
Breathe out
Everything’s going to work out fine

Breathe in
Breathe out
Remember — just take it one step at a time

Breathe in
Breathe out
It’s okay — you’re almost there

Breathe in
Breath out
You’re good — you’re still breathing air

Well, I’m starting to fall in love with poetry. Maybe I can do more of these. <3

21 Days of Poetry: Author’s Choice #1

10 days in. I will be choosing three poems to share here. The best ones, so far, I think. Here is choice #1:

Love Letters

This back and forth
Exchange of mail
Sent in packets
Through time
Sways through the air
Like lovers
Moving in a slow
Tentative dance

I bear my heart
You bear yours –
Our words embracing us and each other

Electronic ink
Temporarily standing in for
Our hands
Our breaths
Our lips
And sighs

21 Days of Poetry

It’s time to flex those literary muscles again. And I’ve been feeling too much lately. Might as well channel everything into something creative. Thus this new project: 21 Days of Poetry. To help me cope-through/live-through/breathe-through this month of October.

I’m no poet. I’m more into prose – flash fiction, short stories, those sort of things. When I write in verse, I usually write them with melodies already in mind – thus the songs I’ve composed over the years (they’re not that good, but I’m quite happy with them). I did write a couple of poems when I was in secondary school. Love poems for crushes, published under a pen name in the school newspaper and literary folio. But I haven’t been that much into poetry since high school graduation.

But I do put on my poet hat once in a blue moon. Those blue moons being days I turn into a melancholy wreck. So hey, let me try this project out.

I wrote this the other day in one of my secret blogs (I have quite a lot of them, actually):


I write poetry
To capture
Emotions that are fleeting
– But feel so real –
At the time.

I’ll be capturing emotions for the next 21 Days (though yesterday was already actually Day 1). I won’t be posting those poems here though. They’ll mostly be for me. But you might find snippets of them flying about. If you’d like to follow this project though, drop me a message through Scribbles and Stories and we’ll work something out. :D