Letter #14: Letter to Yuppies Everywhere

To the Yuppies,

There is a balance. Between pouring yourself into your work. And between living life like you only live once (putting YOLO here makes it redundant).

Truth #1: There is more to this life than work. There is more to this life than climbing up that corporate ladder. There is more to life than the four walls of your office, than the cages if your cubicles, than the mounds of unending paperwork and unread mails. There’s God. There’s your family. There’s friendship. There’s yourself. When you spend most of your waking hours at work, it is easy to forget these. But learn to break away every day and devote time to things which are of utmost importance.

Truth #2: Your work may not be the most important but nonetheless it still is. Do not use life as an excuse to slack off. Remember, you are being paid for what you do. You need to get paid, whether you like it or not, unless you plan to live off the earth or the wallet of another. You were made do be excellent. Whatever is in your hands, do it well. Most of all, do it with heart.

Take these words, learn from them as well. Because there is a balance, dear friends. There is.