Letter #8: Letter to My Soul Sistah

Hey Soul Sistah!

You’re the reason why I started this “Letters for 2015” project in the first place. I was going through my mail and I found our exchange of letters. Can you say, nostalgic?

I miss those days when I had all the time in the world to write, write, write, and be caught up in wonder. Remember the lake in UKM? What did we name that again?

I’m trying to think if anything whimsical happened to me this past week. Well, my car broke down. That’s hardly full of magic. Hmm. I got inked! But you already know that – you were one of the first people who did. Well, I’m reading “The King’s Damsel”. I’m lost in the Tudor court right now. It’s a stuffy, old-fashioned place. But I feel things will get more exciting after a few chapters more.

We don’t write to each other anymore but I know the connection is still there. Isn’t it amazing? How we have this bond forged by words shared through the miracle (is it?) that is the Internet. I’m thankful I have found a kindred spirit in you.

I look forward to having Froyo again with you. Or pesto and then some hot choco. This time I’ll be careful not to tip the table over and spill things accidentally.

I miss you, Soul Sistah! I hope to catch up soon.



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