Letter #7: Letter to My Local Church

Dear Church,

We are crossing over. Many seasons have come and gone and now we are again at that point of crossing over.

I am amazed at what God is doing here. It really all just boils down to faith, hope, and love. Faith in Him and His faithfulness. Hope that keeps on finding the silver lining in every cloud, hope that keeps on waiting for the rainbow after every storm. Love for God, love for people, and love in all the things we do. We don’t know what will happen after all these, but as long as faith, hope, and love remains, we’ll be so much more than okay.

Let us enjoy the season we are in right now. Let us enjoy this sense of newness, this excitement, this childlike expectancy in our hearts. For behold, the God of wonders is moving. He is moving in the hearts of the broken. He is moving in the hearts of the proud. He is moving in us. He is moving through us.

Let’s enter the promised land!

Don't forget to show some love! ^_^

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