Letter #4: Letter to My Parents

Dear Mama and Papa,

Yey! In a few more days, I’ll be seeing you again! In less than a week, your little girl is coming home again.

I’m looking forward to eating like there’s no tomorrow and then trying to burn it all off jogging the following day. What nice resto have you discovered this time? Is Ma still dancing-slash-exercising to the tune of “The Fox”? I saw a book adaptation of it at the book fair the other day. They illustrated the different lines — “Dog goes woof”, “Cat goes meow”. Too bad I didn’t buy it. I only had budget for four books. That was already the fifth. Oh well. Next time, then.

I hope my room is already okay. I hope there are no more r-a-t-s scurrying about.

Well, regardless of the state of my room, I’m excited to see you all again! Thank you for making good use of my roaming number. Your sms messages never fail to put a smile on my face. Now we will see each other beyond text!

Just a few days more!

Until then,

Your Dofter

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