Letter #4: Letter to My Parents

Dear Mama and Papa,

Yey! In a few more days, I’ll be seeing you again! In less than a week, your little girl is coming home again.

I’m looking forward to eating like there’s no tomorrow and then trying to burn it all off jogging the following day. What nice resto have you discovered this time? Is Ma still dancing-slash-exercising to the tune of “The Fox”? I saw a book adaptation of it at the book fair the other day. They illustrated the different lines — “Dog goes woof”, “Cat goes meow”. Too bad I didn’t buy it. I only had budget for four books. That was already the fifth. Oh well. Next time, then.

I hope my room is already okay. I hope there are no more r-a-t-s scurrying about.

Well, regardless of the state of my room, I’m excited to see you all again! Thank you for making good use of my roaming number. Your sms messages never fail to put a smile on my face. Now we will see each other beyond text!

Just a few days more!

Until then,

Your Dofter

Letter #3: Letter to My Dreams

Dear Dreams,

Oh there you guys are again. Did you miss me? I didn’t realize it, but I sure did miss you.

I missed this. Writing feverishly as I transcribe the dialogue in my head onto paper. Not being able to keep still because I’ve got a million and one story ideas running through my mind. Wishing I had a 25th hour to use so that I could sit down and write themĀ all out.

I’m back in the groove again. I hope this groove does not wear out. Give me that gift of consistency, give me the perseverance to smash all writer’s blocks that may come my way, grant me a spirit that will enable me to finish all these and finish them well.

Because at the end of the day, I’d love to do more of these and I’d love to be able to do it well.

Stay with me, my dreams. Stay with me and inspire me all the more.

Letter #2: Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

Everything is awesome. Things are really starting to look up this year. Though pain and brokenness still continue to swirl all around, you have to know that there’s beauty in it, a purpose behind all of it. You can also do something to help ease or in a way heal it.

Have compassion. Empathize. You have in you a light, a song that can bring joy in times of darkness. Don’t be afraid, don’t be too comfortable, don’t be too insensitive that you won’t even think of stepping out.

Everything is awesome. I am so glad that things have been starting to look up in your life. You are starting to get your breakthroughs. Now go and help others get theirs.

Rooting for you,

Myself and I