Week #37: For She?

He wanted her job, and it would be easy enough to discredit her.

He could unearth all the skeletons in her closet. Go to trusty old Google and find photographs of her. Drinking. Partying. Doing non-work related things. There might be articles written about her, too. Or she might have too many social media accounts. Whatever, he could very well easily find a way.

But she was too good. He knew she had a clean record in school. She had a clean record in her previous company. She had a clean record everywhere. Well, perhaps everywhere except those dark Internet alleys. Just in case he couldn’t find anything to use against her, he could still make something up.

Maybe he didn’t have to find anything. Maybe her being a woman would put the odds in his favor. Surely they’d know that he would be the more hardworking one. Surely they’d know he’d be more reliable, less prone to fickle emotions and mood swings. Surely…

Or maybe not. What if they were the type of people who wanted eye candy? That would mean… And they might not have to pay her as much… well, if they were that kind of company.

They couldn’t. He needed this job. This was his sixth job interview this month. That girl… she looked all too positive. It was probably her first, or maybe second. Let her have a couple more rejections. She could probably handle a few more rejections.

But he had face it. They were at equal footing. Well, maybe not so equal footing. Ugh, fine, equal, depending on how he chose to look at it.

He was already getting a headache. Maybe he just had to let go of his sexist mentality and just let the best person win.


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