Weeks #34&35: A Far Cry from the Mountain

34. Scenario: A man lies close to death. Describe the images from his childhood that fill his mind.
35. Title: A Far Cry From The Mountain

The mountain is a lonely place to be. It’s freezing here at the peak. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as cold if I had someone here with me. But it’s just me. Then again, it was my choice to climb this mountain alone.

Sonny, John, and Sandy… I should have brought them with me. They love the great outdoors. And we always have fun when we’re together. Had. We always had fun. When was the last time I had fun? Going up this mountain was fun. The view is amazing. Breathtaking. Janey was breathaking. Even as a kid. How her hair flew all around her face when she swung in the swing set next to our house. Blue. Or house was painted blue. But then father lost his job and we moved in to a trailer because the mortgage was too high to keep up. They should have let me find a job. But. Public school it was. Public school wasn’t so bad. I made a lot of good friends. Most of them have babies now. Kids. Kids going to primary school. I don’t mind. I’m happy with my life. I could be happier. But I am happy. Happy as the time mother baked us apple pie for the first time. Apple pie is the bomb. I wish I brought some with me. I can taste the sweet, spicy, cinnammon-y sauce in my lips. Frozen lips. Some hot chocolate would be nice to warm it off. Grandma’s hot choco is the best. I miss her.

I miss everyone. I wonder if everyone will miss me, too?


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