Week #4: Hello

Oh hey. There you are. Again. Same spot, same stance. Predictable, as always.

There are days when I think I know you, like from a dream, a memory, a past life if such a thing existed. Then there are days that I’m positive, absolutely positive, that I know nothing — not even one single thing — about you.

Well, I do know that you habitually run your hands through your perpetually messy hair. And I do know that you carry a hand sanitizer with you everywhere. And, oh, did you know sometimes, when you nod off while the train is running, your mouth hangs open ever so slightly — but, gosh, what if I told you that I — embarrassingly enough — find that somewhat… cute?

You get off exactly one station before me. That should make us almost neighbors but then again it takes 20 minutes to get from your station to mine.

Sometimes I want to get off that stop and follow you. Maybe even say hi. But then that would be somewhat weird and stalker-ish, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps I should just love you from a distance. Perhaps I should just wait at the station at a different time and maybe — just maybe — I won’t have to see you there. Or perhaps —

“Oh. Hey there. Hello.”


Scenario: Every day at the station, you see someone you’re attracted to, How would you go about getting yourself noticed?


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