Week #3: “N”

“For some reason, I’m attracted to you.”


“You have such beautiful hair. Such soft, glowing, skin.”


“I mean, what products do you use???”

Snap, snap.

“What??? You mean to tell me, it’s all natural? Get. Out. Of. Here!”

Snap, snap, snap.

“Please, deary, you must tell me your beauty secret? Aha! See! I knew it! Why, that’s the best lip gloss in town! I know because — I use it, too!”


“Do you ever get tired when people out on the streets tell you you’re pretty? I mean, it must be awful getting noticed all the time!

Snap, snap.

“What? No? Yeah, I guess, you must be used to it.”

Snap, snap, snap.

“So where do we post these first? Facebook? Instagram? Err, possibly not Twitter.”




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