100 Words Reject

3:30. My date is late. Where is he, I wonder. I look around the cafe, hoping to find distraction in the browns and greens, but, every few seconds, my eyes still flicker over to my tablet’s screen. I push the gadget away after setting the ringer’s settings to loud. A couple is taking selfies three seats away. Behind them, a pair is snogging unapologetically. Meanwhile, these lovers next to me are scrolling through their phones’ respective feeds. Kids these days. Finally, my tablet rings and his apologetic face fills the display. “You’re late, love. Anyway. Waiter, one cappuccino, please.”


4 thoughts on “100 Words Reject”

    1. Yeah. “Kids these days.”

      But you can also look at it from a couple of different angles:

      a) The protagonist’s date isn’t there in person, but he could have been, because he’s probably just a couple of blocks away but too lazy to get up and go meet up at the coffee shop;

      b) The protagonist’s date wants to be there in person but is in another state, another country, and virtual dating is the only way for them to catch up; or

      c) There might be other angles but I can’t think of them yet, hehehe.

      Whichever angle you choose, you can see how far we have evolved in terms of meetups and get togethers. :j

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