Dear Readers,

I’ve been working on a project for over a year now. I’ve been pushing myself to write a book. Or something close to a book. The project went into a coma for quite some time. However, I decided to breathe life back into the “book” and now lo and behold — “It is finished”.

Almost finished. I asked some literary inclined friends to have a look at it and give constructive feedback. I still need to proofread the whole thing too. And write an author’s note, acknowledgment, or —

HOMAYGASH, totoo na ba ito??? (Is this f’real???)

Really, I’ve been doing this project mostly because I wanted to prove something to myself — that I can come up with more than literary blog pieces. But now, I’m thinking about venturing to self-publishing. But are my stories good enough?

I get terrified thinking about it. But at the same time I’m all giddy and then —

And then I get terrified again.

I need help. I’ve got a lot of questions. Should I stick to eBook formats or should I try making physical copies, too? Will my faith and wallet allow me to do so?

This all feels surreal right now. I could back out any moment. Seriously.

But I seriously, seriously, seriously want to push through with this.

And write more once I’m through.


3 thoughts on “HOMAYGASH”

  1. Well done!
    I’ve wondered about the book/eBook/self-publishing thing as well! Of course the best thing is to get an agent but that’s really hard. I think what some people do is create an eBook and “sell” it for free as a way of getting people interested in the sequel. Of course, then you need a sequel!
    Unless you know somewhere you can sell physical books there probably isn’t a lot of point, and they’re quite expensive to produce professionally especially for a small number I expect.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the input! I’m leaning towards the e-book thing. I just want physical copies for now so that I can give something to friends and loved ones. But soon, soon, very soon, I am hoping for something bigger. :D

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