Post a Week: Death to the Alarm Clock

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

7:30 AM.

“Hey, hey, dear daughter… I’m so proud to be your father… Each day is like a gift from God…” goes my nameless hot pink Nokia phone.

Ugh. Five more minutes. No make that ten. I hit snooze.

“There’s a million other guys who would leave ya. And when you say that you’re in love they won’t believe ya — ” Stevie Wonder blares out.

No, no, no. Fifteen minutes. I need fifteen minutes more. I hit the snooze icon flashing across my iPad’s screen.

And then Shane and Shane start playing their song again.

Welcome to my daily, one hour battle with my alarm clock — err, clocks, I mean.

In between reaching out for the different snooze buttons, my subconscious drifts back and forth between dreams of a seemingly pagan girl and a Red Tent; between thoughts of my unprepared breakfast and my slowly decreasing bath time; and between expectations of going home, of possibly looking into a pair of deep brown eyes.

I snuggle deeper into my bed. One hand holds my Nokia phone, still.

“Hey, hey, dear daughter…”

“I’m never gonna leave you…”

There they go again. I sigh in resignation. I hit the off buttons, stretch my arms, and let out a cry.

It’s time to get up.



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