Thoughts on Galaxies and Such

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. So. Let’s fill blogosphere with lots and lots of silly love songs.


I’m listening to Jillian Edward’s Galaxies and Such. Hihi. My kind of tweetums music once again. Miss Edwards (oops, she’s a Mrs. now, based from her Facebook Page status) sounds like a dreamier Taylor Swift — there are lots of guitar playing, but there’s less heartbreak and a smaller dose of angst. I got the free sampler from Noisetrade. The website offers a lot of good, legally free music there so you might want to check it out.

But let’s go back to Galaxies and Such. There are six songs in the sampler: Songbird; Try; Nonfiction Love Song; Gullible; Go Together; and July and June. Let me just share my fave portions once again:

  1. Songbird – “And I want to watch sunrise / With my love by my side / And I want to grow / And I want to learn / I want to fire / And I want to burn / I want to rise / And I want to fall / I want to run / And I want to crawl / I want to be a songbird”
  2. Try – “And if you were words in a story / You’d be in a book that’s overdue / That’s somewhere hidden in my closet / Looked a million times for you”
  3. Nonfiction Love Song – “So we’ve got time to kill / All the reasons we should hold back / And I wear you on a locket ’round my neck / And I haven’t opened it up yet / But I’ll look back and laugh I’ll bet / And tell you ’bout these days / Like they are stories of old / And I wish my voice would echo / Through galaxies and such / To scratch the surface of explaining to you just how much I’m glad / You don’t have to try / You don’t have to change / Baby you stay just the same ” (Haha! I think I copied the entire chorus!)
  4. Gullible – “While it’s fresh on my mind / As if it weren’t all the time / Has it changed it all / Has it changed it all”
  5. Go Together – “Window to the sky / A telescope to the eye / Like a stamp to a letter / I want to know you better / I want to be so much nearer / I want to go together with you”
  6. July and June – “Tie them in a bow / And send them your way / On the fastest train I know / To get to you / Do I really need a reason / Besides I want to / And I’ve got an unending debt / To love you”

My favourites are obviously Nonfiction Love Song and July and June. Nonfiction Love Song because it’s all about the waiting (plus the background vocals are nice, too). July and June because we don’t really need a reason to do sweet and thoughtful things. See, we can just do them because we want to and not because we’re pressured by Valentine’s Day, etc.

So I’m posting this because I want to. And I’m sharing this YT vid for the same reason, too:

Happy Valentine’s Eve!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Galaxies and Such”

  1. And btw, she got married to Steven Curtis Chapman’s son (which is also in a band). I can just imagine how awesome their family would be when everyday, they could jam and get pumped with amazing music. Kinda like Jenny & Tyler. Haha.

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