2 Turtle Doves: 2 New Things

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Two turtle doves!

We’re almost there. My house is already filled with drummers drummin, pipers piping, lords-a-leaping… But there’s still room for a few more gifts.

Like those two turtle doves. They look sweet, don’t they? Cooing and cuddling in that little corner there?

Teehee. So. What are the two new things I would like to do this coming 2013?

  • I would like to go on a getaway. A solitary one. I would like to take two or three days off from work, travel to a beautiful, beautiful place far, far away, disconnect from the Internet and…. Write. Draw. Make music. Be filled with wonder. Be overwhelmed by inspiration. Be taken over by imagination. That.
  • I would like to sing a duet. With a guy. I was singing along with Mercy Me this morning while I was driving to work an I realized that I have never really sung a love song — or any song for that matter — with a guy, i.e. just him, me, and my low alto voice. I mean, I sang backup vocals in church, I do songlead, and I did sing a duet with my female cousin during my parents’ renewal of vows. But I have never sang a duet with a guy, never sang a full song with the opposite sex in a public performance. It might be nice to try it out.

Sigh. It’s so nice to dream. Dare I make those dreams realities next year…?

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