Yet Another Announcement

Alrighty, folks. Third announcement in a row.

Don’t worry, I shall get back to the 12 Days of Christmas Fire Potion Challenge shortly. But first, a word from our sponsors:

Haha. A word from Mari, to put it simply.

Okay. I AM WORKING ON ANOTHER BLOG. Yes, another blog. I’m gearing towards some great upgrades for 2013. I’ll be working on a few projects and is one of them. Please pray for this. Please pray for this lil’ ol blog (the one you are currently reading) as well. I’m doing some revamps here as preparation for my future and my future family’s future — you know, just in case I won’t be coding and programming forever and, you know, since the world is a still a bit far from ending and all.

But seriously. I want to see how far these two blogs (and all my other writings) will go.

Which means I’ll still be writing here about general and literary inclined stuff. But I’ll be writing in the other blog about stuff related to travelling, working, and living abroad.

So… care to have a look? I’ve also written about the project in my Stories from Distant Shores page but you can skip the intro and head straight to the new blog by clicking on the image below.

Have fun! 


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