Dot Com!

In case you haven’t noticed the change in the URL bar, has now transformed into! Yes, we have dot-comed ourselves. Hurrah!

This be an early Christmas present. Let’s see how far this little blog will go, shall we?

Merry Christmas!

P.S. To those who have been following this blog via RSS, this little change seems to now be keeping my feeds from appearing in your readers. Unfortunately, you’ll have to grab my rss feed again, but fret not — this little change will mean I’ll be writing more next year. Yey! For those who don’t RSS, do try it out — you’ll get updated more easily. Oh, and you can choose to follow me if you have a WP account or simply subscribe and receive email notifications if RSS-ing’s not your thing. ^_^

11 thoughts on “Dot Com!”

    1. Hmmm. I like RSS-sing more. If you subscribe by email, updates tend to get jumbled up with other mail (work mail, personal mail, etc). With RSS, you can have a dedicated account just for the blogs and websites you follow. You can also categorize the feeds (news, personal blogs, fashion blogs, food blogs, literary blogs, etc) so you can decide to check out only specific blog updates from specific categories etc (say today, I only feel like reading literary blogs). You can start with google reader and link it with feedly — feedly has a pretty good interface. ^_^ links to the two are in my about page. :D

      1. In google reader, you can try clicking “subscriptions” and then “manage subscriptions”. Feedly, meanwhile, has a feature called “organize” which you can play around with. :D

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