A Partridge in a Pear Tree: A Picture of 2013

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me…A partridge in a pear tree!

Yey! We’re almost done with this year’s song. In a few hours, it will be a brand new year, a brand new start.

I’m supposed to share a picture of what I am seeing for my 2013 and what better way to do that than to paint the scene with words and phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and interjections? Oh, but I shall add an accompanying illustration as well — an original which looks like it was taken straight out of a Final Fantasy fanfic site, in my opinion. But I “drew” it myself. Okay, enough intro. Here’s a painting of my 2013 for you:


Brick upon brick, upon brick, upon brick, upon brick. Slab upon slab, upon slab, upon slab, upon even more dazzling gemlike slabs of stone. I spread a layer of cement between each one, the glue unusually silky but dependably strong.

That should do the trick. That should keep them steady. That should hold them in place.

That should be enough to keep them from toppling over.

I scrape off the excess putty and take a look at the brilliant wall. It was no joke trying to build it. But it was all a work of love, a labour of devotion, an endeavor of enamorment. All that made lifting the heavy bricks, touching the jagged slabs, and putting every single thing in place so much easier than it would have been if love hadn’t been part of the equation.

I pause, daring myself to believe it. Completion. The word resounds in my ears.

Sure it’s just a wall. Sure it’s just a portion of the house, of the Cathedral, of my castle of dreams.

But what I have been putting my focus into building is now — well, technically “are now” —


2 Turtle Doves: 2 New Things

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Two turtle doves!

We’re almost there. My house is already filled with drummers drummin, pipers piping, lords-a-leaping… But there’s still room for a few more gifts.

Like those two turtle doves. They look sweet, don’t they? Cooing and cuddling in that little corner there?

Teehee. So. What are the two new things I would like to do this coming 2013?

  • I would like to go on a getaway. A solitary one. I would like to take two or three days off from work, travel to a beautiful, beautiful place far, far away, disconnect from the Internet and…. Write. Draw. Make music. Be filled with wonder. Be overwhelmed by inspiration. Be taken over by imagination. That.
  • I would like to sing a duet. With a guy. I was singing along with Mercy Me this morning while I was driving to work an I realized that I have never really sung a love song — or any song for that matter — with a guy, i.e. just him, me, and my low alto voice. I mean, I sang backup vocals in church, I do songlead, and I did sing a duet with my female cousin during my parents’ renewal of vows. But I have never sang a duet with a guy, never sang a full song with the opposite sex in a public performance. It might be nice to try it out.

Sigh. It’s so nice to dream. Dare I make those dreams realities next year…?

3 French Hens: 3 Wishes for 2013

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me… three french hens!

Three magic wishes granted. Three dreams fulfilled. Three goals reached. Or three fluttering poultry from a tiny area in France. Take your pick.

While we were having our Noche Buena dinner, I asked my friend Prescious what her Christmas wish was and I shared what mine were. We both wanted world peace and a boyfriend for a close common friend. And a whole lot of other stuff. We were half-serious, half-joking, but sharing those things made our Christmas Eve dinner a bit more fun (read more about our quaint Christmas celebration here).

But if you’d ask me seriously what my three wishes for 2013 are — just in case you’re my Fairy Godmother, a Magic Genie, or you are simply a kindhearted soul — they would be:

  1. A new laptop. I am extremely thankful for the one I am using now — it’s a Butterfly HP net book the close common friend lent me. It’s good enough for writing, listening to music, watching a few movies every now and then, and photo post-processing, but its size and speed keep me from doing some other important things — like video editing,  design learning, and e-book publishing. I am actually saving up for one. Thinking of getting an Apple. At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably have enough money by — oh, I don’t know. By the middle of next year. Aww. But no matter. I shall get an iPad first (a second hand one, most probably) to cater to the “e-book publishing” need. Which brings us to wish number 2.
  2. A published book. Or collection of short stories. YES. Let’s take this seriously, shall we? I know I’ve got some stories to tell and I want to share them with the world. I’ll be needing people to encourage me. Care to be a part of my personal pep squad? :D
  3. 2012’s dreams and promises fulfilled. Okay, this is cheating. This wish is similar to the “more wishes” thing, but hey, I make the rules here. So I’m seeing what was still being halfway built in 2012 to be fully built in 2013. Forgive me for the metaphors. But yeah, I’ve been building (and I’ve been helping to build) a couple of things this 2012. Who knows — God could surprise me still. There are five more days before the new year starts. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if those buildings would stand firmly by 2013? It would. It really would. :)

So how about you? What are your three wishes for 2013? I’m not sure if I could help out in granting them, though. I’ll try. Else, I’ll ask someone in France to send you those three french hens.

Else, I could just cook you up a nice dinner.
Or maybe I could just cook you up a nice dinner.

4 Colly Birds: 4 New Places

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 4 colly birds, 3 —

Oh, don’t get excited, don’t get too excited just yet. If you’ve been singing along, you know this is the part of the song where it begins to pick up more speed. But again let’s linger upon them colly birds and —

What on earth are colly birds anyway?

Well, they are birds. They fly. They are technically European blackbirds. So on my fourth day of Christmas, I’d like to disclose to you the four places I’d like those four colly birds to take me to next year:

  1. Myanmar. I’m going to complete getting the immigration stamps from the different nations here in Southeast Asia if it kills me. Even if it’s just one stamp a year. This year, I was able to go to Vietnam. Last year it was south of Thailand. The year before it was Cambodia. Thank You, Lord, for the ICPM family. Well, soon, I’d love to be able go to Europe, too. But first, Asia. Southeast Asia.
  2. Penang. Since I can’t go to Europe yet, I think a European style town in Malaysia will do. I want to go to Penang! We had plans to make monthly visits there next year, but… no buts. We have to go to Penang! Even if it’s just once next year.
  3. Langkawi. I just realized something. I’ve been living here in Malaysia for 3.5 years already but I’ve never been to a Malaysian beach. Seriously. I’ve been to the highlands, I’ve been to kampungs, I’ve been to historical cities — but I’ve never been to any beaches. Not even Port Dickson. But next year — Langkawi — lezgo Langkawi!
  4. Lego land! I love theme parks. I wanna go to Lego Land — I promise I’ll ride the big kid rides. Else — does anyone want to go to Singapore’s Universal Studios with me?

I’d have loved to add more non-Malaysian places to my colly birds list. Like some beautiful places in the Philippines. Or, again, Europe. Or the States. But for now — priorities. I’ve got to get my finances lined up for some certain priorities. So I’m just going to make the most of my stay in Malaysia Truly Asia.

Well, that’s it. And oh — it’s Christmas Eve! Happy Noche Buena everyone! :D

This year: Vietnam. Next Year: Myanmar.
This year: Vietnam. Next Year: Myanmar.

P.S. I would love to write more about the places I’ve been to, or will be going to. I’m planning to write about the adventures and misadventures in my new blog, Stories from Distant Shores. Wanna drop by and pop in for a cup of tea? ^_^

Yet Another Announcement

Alrighty, folks. Third announcement in a row.

Don’t worry, I shall get back to the 12 Days of Christmas Fire Potion Challenge shortly. But first, a word from our sponsors:

Haha. A word from Mari, to put it simply.

Okay. I AM WORKING ON ANOTHER BLOG. Yes, another blog. I’m gearing towards some great upgrades for 2013. I’ll be working on a few projects and www.marishores.com is one of them. Please pray for this. Please pray for this lil’ ol blog (the one you are currently reading) as well. I’m doing some revamps here as preparation for my future and my future family’s future — you know, just in case I won’t be coding and programming forever and, you know, since the world is a still a bit far from ending and all.

But seriously. I want to see how far these two blogs (and all my other writings) will go.

Which means I’ll still be writing here about general and literary inclined stuff. But I’ll be writing in the other blog about stuff related to travelling, working, and living abroad.

So… care to have a look? I’ve also written about the project in my Stories from Distant Shores page but you can skip the intro and head straight to the new blog by clicking on the image below.

Have fun! 


Happy 27th!

Because they are avid supporters of my lil’ ol blog (and because Dad doesn’t have an FB account) — I am going to greet and honour them here. Here’s to the sweetest, the corniest and mushiest (I mean that in a good way! :D), and the most loving couple I know. Happy Wedding Anniversary! I love you! More sweet years to come! Tsup, tsup, tsup!

Photo by Karl Michael Bugante
Photo by Karl Michael Bugante

Dot Com!

In case you haven’t noticed the change in the URL bar, https://mariscribbles.wordpress.com has now transformed into http://mariscribbles.com! Yes, we have dot-comed ourselves. Hurrah!

This be an early Christmas present. Let’s see how far this little blog will go, shall we?

Merry Christmas!

P.S. To those who have been following this blog via RSS, this little change seems to now be keeping my feeds from appearing in your readers. Unfortunately, you’ll have to grab my rss feed again, but fret not — this little change will mean I’ll be writing more next year. Yey! For those who don’t RSS, do try it out — you’ll get updated more easily. Oh, and you can choose to follow me if you have a WP account or simply subscribe and receive email notifications if RSS-ing’s not your thing. ^_^