Paint Me a Picture of a Future Scene

(Day 25 – Something that you’re looking forward to)

The colours came easily. I thought it would be difficult to paint that picture but, surprisingly,  it felt natural to mix the browns with the greens, the purples with the blues, the reds with the yellows and blacks. Quickly, the different hues mixed in to form what my heart believed to be a future scene.

A rainbow. A door. A clear blue sky. White swirls that stemmed out of my fanciful imagination. These gave allusion to dreams and promises waiting to be fulfilled, unknown territories waiting to be discovered. Joy. Happiness. Squabbles over soap and laundry detergent brands. All kinds of unexpected adventures and endless possibilities blended in with the painting’s blues and greens.

A girl. Facing the door. Fulfilled after walking down her own independent and clandestine path.

A boy. The bravest she has ever met. Next to her. Blurry still in this picture but clearer – perhaps – in time.

Together. Eyes, hearts, minds open to the invitation of that life yet to come.

My fingers trembled holding the finished piece. Truly, it was something any girl would look forward to. It was something I – honestly, yes, oh so very truthfully – have always set my heart onto.

I heaved a sigh, yet, at the same time, looked at the picture with a smile. It shall find its place in that box, that chest secured by a very special lock and key. One day, it shall once again see light. One day, it might even be put up on display.

But then we’ll have to wait for that ‘one day’.

Well, we shall get there in time. :)


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