How to get an OEC from NAIA 3

Okay, I don’t usually write “how to” posts. But I promised myself that I would write this post out because of the frustration that I felt two days ago having found no substantial information in the Internet about getting emergency OECs. So. Bear with me. This might be useful for some OFW who might find himself or herself going back home to the motherland for a very quick visit. Specifically, a visit that lasts only five days or less. I thank my friend who provided useful information through SMS, but I want to save future “Balik-Manggagawas” from having to go through the same frustrating ordeal that I went through. (Okay, I am exaggerating).

I am tempted to turn this into a long elaborate post, but I’ll be merciful and just cut to the chase. If you are reading this post, I am assuming that:

1. You are an OFW;

2. You are already an OWWA member (i.e. you have already gone through the costly process of processing POEA papers, you’ve already attended the PDOS, etc.);

2.  You’ll be going back to the Philippines as a “Balik-Manggagawa” (i.e. you are simply on leave and, after your vacation, you’ll still go back to the same job and to the same company written in your POEA papers);

3. You’ll be staying there for a mere FIVE DAYS or less;

4. You want to know how to get an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) so that the immigration guards will let you go back to your country of employment in peace (oh, and so that you won’t have to pay the airport tax and the terminal fee anymore);

5. You don’t have time to go to the main POEA office in Ortigas;

6. You don’t have time to go to any other POEA regional office;

7. You didn’t have time to get an OEC from your country of employment’s Philippine Embassy (or the Philippine Embassy there doesn’t issue OECs);

8. You are going back to your country of employment from an airplane departing from NAIA 3. (This post is specifically for NAIA 3 users – NAIA 1 and NAIA 2 are all foreign entities to me, unfortunately); and

9. You don’t have friends who’ve gone through this process before so you’re resorting to good ol’ Google instead. That, or you don’t trust them. Hehe.

If my assumptions were correct and you are still reading this, here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to the cluster of POEA kiosks near that corner where everyone else is paying for their travel taxes. There should be a booth next to the OEC validation booth where you have to line up to get a form so that you can apply for an emergency OEC. To get this form, just present your passport and your ticket. They’ll ask you when your arrival date was. If the number of days add up to five or less, they’ll hand you the form, tell you to go to the OWWA booth once you’re done with the form, and then you’ll have to go back to that booth to claim your OEC.

2. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD. When you get to the OWWA booth, you should have proof of your OWWA membership with you. A previous OEC that reflects that you have paid your membership fee will do. Your OWWA membership is valid for 2 years, so I guess the oldest OEC/receipt that you can have with you is a two-year-old one. If your OWWA membership has already expired, then I guess you should be prepared to pay the $25 fee here. I am afraid that I am not sure with this one. But you should be safe, money-wise, if your membership is still far from expiring.

3. Go back to the OEC processing booth with your accomplished form. Be prepared to show proof of your employment (your contract, payslip, or ID). They didn’t ask me for any proof, but it is always good to be prepared. They’ll ask you to pay Php 100 for the processing fee when they’re satisfied.

4. You’ll get an OEC that has a 24 hour validity (meaning you should only attempt to get this OEC if your flight is already on that day). Proceed to the check-in counter. There’s no need to validate this OEC, it’s already good to go.

The whole thing takes less than 30 minutes if there’s no queue. If it’s the peak season and every one is making emergency visits, then I should expect the processing time to be longer.

Update (since lots of people are asking whether the booth is open 24 hours or during weekends/holidays):

A reader gave this comment last 2013:

Joseph | June 24, 2013 at 12:05 pm

To share my piece of the cake, this morning when i was [travelling] back to hongkong from the philippines I passed by the OEC counter to get mine validated. I confirmed with them that you can request an OEC from them anytime of the day as long as [you’re] within the 5days travel. Happy trip! :)

So there. I hope you (whoever you are) found this post helpful.

Happy flying!


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239 thoughts on “How to get an OEC from NAIA 3”

      1. Hi!
        I would just like to ask regarding the number of days (of 5 or less) where you can secure an OEC from the airport. Does that count from the day you arrive (say like evening time) or the count will begin the next day? In figures, say, Sept. 10 is your arrival and you’ll be leaving on the 15th. Do they count that as 5 or 6 days?
        Thanks a lot!

      2. Hi maam how about if for first timer like me i dont have owwa member because i directly hired here in singapore when i go for a vacation and try out to apply. So im planning to have a vacation just for two days

      3. Hi! I’m sorry, I don’t know how to approach that case. I was also a direct hire. When I went to Phil, I went to POEA to process the OFW stuff for direct hire and took me one day for all that.

      4. Hi Rodalyn,  Upon arriving in Manila Airport, take time to get the OWWA Membership and inform them that you are taking 2days vacation in Philippines. They will help you. 

  1. Great post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired! Extremely useful info specially the ultimate section :) I care for such information a lot. I used to be looking for this particular info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  2. good one! i always have jitters everytime i visit home…it’s weird i know, but i feel “unsure” (for lack of a better word!) each and everytime. i’ll be flying in tonight and out again on the 23rd…just a short break to see my girls. wish me luck. and oh, thanks for this post – it sure helps!

    1. Thank you! I need this for myself too. I’m paying home another express visit soon and I’ve already forgotten what it is that I have to do. :D Glad to be of help!

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  4. Hi, thank you so much for this! It’s my first time to be in NAIA 3 without an OEC. Just to share, I found myself in a similar situation in NAIA 2, and (worse) I realized my OWWA membership had just expired a few weeks before that. Now, for OFWs who need OEC from NAIA 2, it’s fairly easy to get one on the spot if their records show you have a valid OWWA membership. In my case, I had to renew my OWWA membership (otherwise, they wouldn’t let me simply pay the standard travel tax.) AND you can ONLY renew your OWWA membership in NAIA 1 (at least as of June 2012). They only accept cash settlements there. So it’s easy to get an OEC from the airports, but it would be good to settle all OWWA papers beforehand to avoid unnecessary stress… I hope this helps too, and I hope getting my OEC in NAIA 3 will be a breeze tonight! Cheers!

      1. Is it possible to get my OWWA in NAIA? I have no time to register because their office here in Singapore is only open on weekdays and I’m still not allowed to file for a medical leave because I’m fairly new with where I am working. Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hello, May I ask how long does it take to renew an OWWA membership?
      The POEA won’t let me renew my OWWA from where I’m at and the stop over of my flight at Manila will only be 11hrs. Just wanna make sure that’ll be enough. Thanks!

    2. Swift reply! Thank you!
      Well, they told me that I can’t renew my OWWA here at Canada, if they won’t let me renew it there in Naia, then I’m gonna cry.

      And POEA should include your post in their FAQ page!

      Again, thank much!

      1. You are welcome! Hopefully they will. :D

        I wrote this down because I couldn’t find any substantial info about emergency oecs anywhere. :)) Thank you for the apreciation!

  5. thanks for your good tip to our kababayan.. just have another question maybe you have some ideas.. how about if you are an OFW but just happened to be transiting naia for another overseas trip within the day (about 5hrs waiting), but you like to exit immigration to meet some friends, are you going to be charged with travel tax again or any tax whatever? I understand passing immigration may not be a problem since you are philippine passport holder and with valid visa to destination country or non-visa required at all.. thanks..

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this yet. Don’t know anyone who has done so, either. But I think you can also get an emergency OEC for this? When you land you can get one, it will be valid for 24 hours. :) Perhaps you can also share to us about your experience afterwards. :D

  6. hi , what if ur vacation is about 7 days,, like me , my vacation will take 1 week, from 3 feb. – 10 feb,, will they also give me the oec??

    1. Yes. :D Going on my second year now. Puro Emergency OEC ang gamit ko pag uwi. Lol. Next time it will be a real OEC. (As if this one’s not real. :)) )

  7. Hi! Do they ever ask for Pag-ibig Fund updated contribution receipt? (As POEA says its part of the requirement for OEC). If yes, is there a way to pay it at the airport also?

    1. Hello! In my experience, they have never asked me for one. Just the OWWA. But the one receipt I showed them before had all the figures from Pag-ibig, etc. Pero I believe it’s just the OWWA if it’s an emergency OEC.

  8. Salamat! Very helpful and useful. I’ll be going thru Terminal 1 with this procedure. Will let you know if it’s the same.

  9. Hi, I just wanna’ know the operating hours of this OWWA/OEC booth? I’ll be flying back on Maundy Thursday at 12am, do you think they’re open?

  10. Hi, I just wanna’ know the operating hours for this OWWA/OEC booth? I’ll be flying back on Maundy Thursday at 12am, do you think they’re open? Or early morning maybe 6am? THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi! I’m not so sure… When I went there before, my flight was at 2pm and then another time it was 9pm. So I got my emergency oecs around lunch time (for the 2pm flight) and I guess around 5 or 6pm (for the 9pm). Gosh, I can’t really remember. But the validity is 24 hours, so if you’ve got places to go, just drop by at the airport at a safe hour to get one. I’ll take note of the opening hour next time. ^_^

      1. Ooops. Yeah, that’s quite a concern now as I’ll be arriving in PH on Maundy Thursday, 5am and be flying back on Sunday at 1am.

        I’ll be staying in Bataan so going back to the airport during office hours seems not good knowing that it’s holiday that time as well.

        Bahala na si batman and will give you a note once I survived this OEC thing. Thanks for the help! :)

      2. Oks! Just in case, you can drop by their booth before you leave the airport on Thursday. You can’t get an oec then, but you can check if they have a sign or person manning the booths. :D

  11. thank you for you post.. although one question.. is the oec counter open 24×7? Im departing in the evening….

    1. I am not so sure about that one… Sorry. :( Please see previous comments. I think you can try going to the airport earlier or you can check and inquire at the booth if you are landing in Naia 3. :)

  12. pag po b more than 5 days ngstay dito sa Pinas (2 weeks to be exact), pede prin po kumuha ng OEC sa NAIA 3 o dpt sa POEA n po mismo? thanks po..

  13. Tje OEC at airports are intend for 5day emergency lhave for OFWs. What is posted here is applicable to all internatiinal airoorts with POEA kiosks. My sad experience was in Mactan Cebu. I lost a family member and hax to fly in. Prior to my arrival i called the cebu poea office and they advised me of this facility and that i did not have to go to their office. I arrive on a saturday and left 7days after on sa sunday due to a critical work at the job site.The ignorant poea personnel at mactan airport denied the issusance of my oec. He showed me a memo and stupidly explained to me that he only issues oec to OFWs wh arrive on a saturday and leave the FOLLLOWING day Sunday. I told HER that her understanding is incorrect. The memo only explained that 5working days plus the two weekends. I added that no OFW will go on emergency leave in just one day. She was not satisfied she asked for a copy of the death certificate of my family member.. That was the time that i raised my voice and told her that if i she would not issue the OEC, i will instead postpone my flight and spend my.monday in their office to formally complain about her conduct and calim for damages. She issued my OEC but berated me that she issued it not because i was right but she just had a pity on me. I wrote POEA Cebu and Manila about my unfortunate experience. I cited how many OFWs did she deny simply because of her idiocy and zero empathy to OFWs she was serving. I did not get any reply but during my next trip, a new POEA officer was manningbyje kiosk. A much better one.

  14. Thank you for this post! I usually get my OEC from the Philippine Embassy but it’s taxing since I need to take a leave from work just to go there. I used to take 2 week vacation and this will be the first time for me to take 1 week vacation so I plan to avail the emergency OEC. By 5-days, does it mean 5 working days? Suppose I arrive in the Philippines Saturday (Day1) and leave on Sunday (Day 9), in between those days there are only 5 working days. Can I avail of the emergency OEC? Sorry if you have already explained this in your posts or comments, my comprehension has gone low :) I really just want to be sure…I have had bad experiences with POEA. Thank you so much!

  15. Haaaayyyyy! Thank you sooooo much!!! I badly need this information as I will be going back to Philippines and will just stay for less than 24 hours!?! Thanks a lot for this!!!!

  16. Just a quick question, Would it be possible for me to get OEC in T3 but depart in T1? I tried getting OEC in T3 and it was a breeze! Worried now coz T1 is usually busy and I believe early evening is a peak hour :( Any advice? Thanks :)

    1. I haven’t tried that before, hehe. Am just a fellow traveller/balik manggagawa so I’m not so sure whether it’s possible or not. But… I believe it *should* be because technically you should be able to get an OEC from anywhere you choose. All the best to you! Just go there early just in case they reroute you to T1. ;)

  17. hello po tnung ko lang p kung bukas po ba nang 5am or 6am po ung poea booth sa terminal 3? kukuha po sana aq doon ng oec para di na ako pmunta sa main. kasi sarado pa ang embassy d2 s brunei kya ndi p aq nka kuha ng oec, ang flight kpo june 2 tas balik din p ako ng brunei ng jun 5 mkakakuha p kaya aq don ate?

    1. Naku. Di ko pa po nachecheck kung anong oras sila nagbubukas. Siguro, pwede niyo pong itry iask paglapag niyo, akyat lang kayo sa booths if NAIA3 din kayo. ^_^

  18. Hi! My flight will be on june 6 andflying back at june 9, its only 2 day in phillipiines.. Can i get an OEC in NAIA? Pls let me know.. Tnx….

  19. Thanks maam.. Are they strict? I only have my previous OEC.. My contract is not with me mam. Thanks agaib

    1. I think as long as you have the proof for your owwa payment. They’re not that strict but I always bring my contract just in case. Your employment visa should do as well.

  20. Mam last question ko na po ito.. Open ba ung booth nila sa naia even saturday and sunday? Tnx again

    1. Di ko pa po natratry pero sa tingin ko bukas naman sila. I think as long as bukas ang booth to clear OECs, bukas dapat ang booth to issue Emergency OECs. :)

  21. Urgent question… If u simply and honestly just forgot to get an oec, and u only remember 8hrs before ur flight… Is there anything u can do? Can u fet oec frm the airport? This a question from my uncle who’s been an ofw almost all his life… And only forgot to get his oec now….

    1. Hello! I’m sorry for the late response. I also don’t know what will happen. Siguro he’ll just have to pay the tax and terminal fee? I hope everything goes/went well…

  22. This is so helpful.cos ive been waiting for my leave approval til now wla pa rin. That’s why i cannot book my flight so i can also get oec from the embassy here. Thanks for this. Tamang tama 5days lang bakasyon ko sa pinas. Emergency oec can.

  23. Hi, I found your blog very helpful. There is just 1 item i would want to ask. Im taking the earliest flight 5AM back to HK (around 3AM to process my tickets and OEC) is the OEC counter already open and i can request for an OEC at this early time of the day? My stay in the philippines is only 3 days.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hello! A lot of people have been asking similar questions, however, I haven’t tried doing that yet, unfortunately. If you’re not yet there in Ph and will land at a reasonable time in the same airport, maybe you can inquire at the booth?

      To all, I’ll update this the next time I get an emergency OEC, after I ask what their operating hours are. But it would be a big help if anyone of you has an answer.


      1. To share my piece of the cake, this morning when i was trvelling back to hongkong from the philippines I passed by the OEC counter to get mine validated. I confirmed with them that you can request an OEC from them anytime of the day as long as your within the 5days travel. Happy trip! :)

  24. Hi! Thanks for this super informative post. You have no idea how hard it is to find this sort of information :S Anyway – I have a question sana – I have a valid OEC (till July 24) but my OWWA is currently about to expire. I acquired the OEC because I pleaded in the embassy for them to issue me an extra pass, incase i need to go home for an emergency. Can i renew my OWWA in NAIA airport? And if so, are they open even at a late hour (midnight flight kase ako eh) Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. Glad to be of service! Yep! I’ve seen the owwa booth. When you get an emergency OEC, they redirect you there so that you can pay if you haven’t. They should be open even if it’s late, based from one of the comments above. :D

  25. hi, im going home on july 31 arrival time is 4pm, then my departure will be on aug 4 9pm. am i qualified to get the emergency OEC?

  26. hi. just want to ask, i have a valid oec until sept 2013. but my owwa was already expire last dec 2012. i plan to go to Philippines next month for 5 days only, would i be having problems if i wont renew my owwa? thanks!

  27. hi po….pwede po bah maka kuha oec sa naia 1 or sa 3 ng emergency oec kahit na now palang ako mag pa member sa owwa? pwede po ma ask timings nila? salamat po….

  28. Pano po pag 7 days?…for example is Sunday to Sunday…pede parin kaya kumuha ng oec sa naia terminal?

  29. Hi Mari, won’t they ask for receipts of updated Pag-Ibig payments? Kasi that’s what the PH Embassy’s (in SG) website says. Thanks.

  30. Hi Mari.. I am leaving 14th of Oct pero 15th na ang dating ko sa Pinas.. then balik ako ng Dubai sa 20th of Oct.. Can I still get emergency oec? dapat ba 5 days lang from date of arrival to departure? thanks.. I really need your help asap. :)

    1. Five days from arrival to departure, I believe. Pero, if you arrive on 15 and leave sa 20… Doesn’t your entire stay count as six days? (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 –> 6 days) Hope this helps. Maybe you can get an OEC at a POEA branch nearest your place in the Phil.

      1. Hi.. just want to ask if the owwa receipt is required or if they have a database where they can check your status? I lost the receipt kasi but it was just last april that i got it so definitely not expired yet. Thanks so much!

      2. They have a database pero medyo outdated. They ask for your receipt then countercheck with the DB. I’m not sure if mapapakiusapan though if that is the case. Prepare to pay for a new owwa, worse comes to worse.

      3. Hi Kristin. We’re you able to get OEC despite losing your OWWA official receipt? I just lost mine too. ;(

  31. Ate, bale 2 nights at 3 days lang ako dyan sa Pinas, for sure ba maiisuehan ako ng oec( sunday morning..bukas kaya ang poea sa naia 3 bandang 11am)

  32. hello, thank you for posting to this blog, it’s very helpful. tanung ko lang, ok lang ba kumuha ng oec sa naia kahit wala ka pang history of getting an OEC before? I’ll be staying in the Philippines for 4 days only. thanks again.

    1. Hello! Nalakad niyo na po ba sa POEA yung application for OWWA, Pag-ibig, etc. dati? Pag hindi pa, di ko po sure kung papayagan kayo kasi hahanapin nila ang OWWA receipt niyo and ichecheck if registered OFW kayo. Baka ipapapunta kayo sa POEA kung ganun.

      Kung sakali, baka magbayad nalang kayo ng travel tax at terminal fee? Di ko lang sure kung ano ang mangyayari sa immigration though. :)

      1. Hello po ate :-) itanong ko lng po kc first time ko po.. Uwi po ako ng May 17dating ko sa pinas 18 ng umaga. Wala po ba problema ate kng maaga ko lakarin ung mga kailangan ko sa poea 19 or 20 sa iloilo po kc ako kkuha malapit na rin po sa lugar ko. Balik ko po kc ng Malaysia 27 po. Salamat po:-)

  33. Can we still obtain OEC there even if the stay is more than 5 days. It was just so hectic with medical exams and returns to the hospital we haven’t found time to get one and a lot of days na walang pasok. Please help with a repy :(

    1. I’m sorry, I haven’t tried bargaining with them yet. :( You could try but… But. If you could find a POEA site and still get one it would be better (and safer – better safe than sorry).

  34. Good info, thanks for this.. you are such a great help.. is this process still applicable todate? i will be having a short business trip next week (2 days)… and am uncertain what to do / what our dear good immigration friend would say..

  35. Hi,

    So what kind of proof can you present when you are ask for your arrival date? Kelangan mo po bang magproduce like your ticket?


  36. I just want to know if ever bka alam mo rin, ung poea ba nila sa terminal 3 is 24hrs? andun ba sila kaht weekends? I dont have time na kz para kumuha ng oec, then i saw ur blog. thanks for the info.

    1. From one person who commented here:

      Joseph | June 24, 2013 at 12:05 pm
      To share my piece of the cake, this morning when i was trvelling back to hongkong from the philippines I passed by the OEC counter to get mine validated. I confirmed with them that you can request an OEC from them anytime of the day as long as your within the 5days travel. Happy trip! :)

  37. Hi,ask ko lang po pano kung yong arrival ko dito sa Pinas ay noong last January 5,2014 pa tas di ko alam tungkol sa OEC kasi first time kung babalik sa same employer,pwede pa po ba akong kumuha ng emergency OEC? Thanks po,sa monday na po flight ko.

  38. Hi Mari,

    Thank you for having this blog, it is very helpful and informative to help OFWs like me.

    Im planning to fly back in Manila very soon (5 days only) without OEC due to time constraint.

    Can I get OWWA, Pag-ibig, OEC in NAIA Terminals?

    Salamat po.


    1. You are welcome!

      From what I have seen, you can get OWWA and OEC. When you get the OEC there, they don’t require you to pay Pag-ibig, just the OWWA if it is already expired.

      1. Salamat po. Also, I haved called this Hotline — 877-1109 loc. 3703 then ask the Operator to transfer to OWWA Section. They can answer immediately questions from our Kababayan.

        They can also email Owwa Opcenter .

  39. hi, mam mari anjeli

    i just want to ask about the OEC, pwede ba ako magbayad ng OEC ko kahit over staying ako dto sa pinas over 7months doon sa airport mismo flight kuna po mam sa loob ng 24hours pls reply asap mam..

    1. Hi, OEC in NAIA Terminals are only for OFWs staying in the Philippines for maximum of 5 days. You can try to call this Hotline 877-1109 loc. 3703 ipa-transfer mo sa OWWA Section or you can send email to Owwa Opcenter ;

  40. Dahil po, gusto ko bumalik sa work ko dati, tapos nabigyan ako ulit re entry permit ko,,pwede ba ako mag bayad sa airport ng OEC ko mismo na flight ko sa loob ng 24 hours, kahit over staying ako dito sa pilipnas over 7months mam..

    1. I’m sorry, di ko rin sure eh. Ang alam ko lang na binibigyan nila ay yung mga 5 days or less ang stay sa Pinas at walang time na mag-apply ng OEC sa POEA etc…

  41. flight kuna kasi sa april 19 mam 7pm ethihad,tapos maabutan na ako ng holly week dito, bhis aka sa thursday, friday, saturday hindi sila mag transac sa poea sa ortigas, last na this day baka maabutan na ako mag sara sa poea, dto pa ako qatar embassy.

  42. available ba ang POEA this thursday,Friday, saturday, kahit holly week april 17,18,19 please reply Mam

    1. Hi Karina, based on your post, seems this is considered New Contract. Please call 877-1109 loc. 3703 then ask the Operator to transfer your call to OWWA Section.

  43. hi po uuwi po ko s pinas ngayung may 25..wala pa po ko oec tanung ko lng kung pwede ako makakuha ng oec sa airport,..patay po kc tatay ko..2 weeks po bakasyon ko..gusto ko po sana na sa ilaan yung oras ko sa pamilya sa ganitong sitwasyon..salamat po.

      1. ahm..tnx nlng po may napagtanungan na ako na sa owwa laguna nalng daw ako kumuha tutal taga dun nman daw ako…tanung ko lang e.ok lng ba kung saka nalang ako kumuha ng oec pag nailibing na yung tatay ko..2 weeks na po bakasyon ko.salmat po ulit

      1. i see…
        last question po..
        pde po bang kunin ung OEC in advance sa airport by the time I arrive?

  44. kakauwi kolng ng pinas kaso nagkakaprob ako kasi naiwan ko ang owwa ko.pwede po bang kumuha sa airport mismo nun?sa naia 3 lng poba un?
    sjnday din po plytko ng madaling araw open poba sila ng gabi pati linggo?

    1. Hi Herbert,

      For within 5days of stay in Pinas, you can get OEC in NAIA 1,2 and 3.

      More than 5days, go to the nearest OWWA offices.

      Hope these helps.

      1. Hi Rodolfo,

        Sabi niyo po 5 days lng for emergency OEC.
        If more than go to nearest owwa offices pero if 2 years ung membership q sa owwa to be expire pa by 2016. need ko pa rin ba pumunta?

        thank you poh

  45. I will be arriving in the Philippines in August 8, 2014 (10:25 PM) and depart in August 13, 2014. My question , Is it 5 days or 6 days? Can I get an emergency OEC on the date of my departure (August 13, 2014) 2 hours before?

  46. Hi… ok lng ba photo copy lng ng OWWA membership or old OEC ipakita ko sa OWWA terminal 3 para makakuha ng bago OEC? 1.5day lng ako sa pinasm need ko agad bumalik sa work ko.
    nawala ko ang original copy ko.

  47. Im leaving tonight from BkK. Thanks for this. May online appointment na din sila but since this is my first time to go home, i will try this muna ;) nahahassle akong isipin na may inaasikasong ganito bago umalis ng PH ulit, hahaha

      1. Hi. Thanks for the reply. Can I also ask, if you flew via pal, then you would have landed at NAIA 2. How did you manage to go to NAIA 3? Sorry for all the questions but I’m just really unsure about the processing. Thank you.

      2. It’s ok. When I get there, hindi ako sigurado actually sa hawak kong print out. So dala ko din ang bank receipt na binayaran ko from online processing. Pinuntahan ko ‘yung POEA desk to ask at sabi nila ay valid naman daw iyon and no need to go through them. But if you’re unsure too before checking in, try this one too. Pagdating ko sa check-in counter, tinanong din ako kung ok daw ba iyong hawak ko. Sabi ko, ok na from the POEA desk and it was online processing. The same thing goes for the POEA counter before the immigrations para ma-exempt ka sa terminal fee, tinanong din nila and same response. Ganundin sa Immigrations. You need 3 copies of that kasi kukuha sila ng copy sa iyo, or whatever was instructed to you in the email after you paid the OEC sa bank. Hope it helps.

  48. I would like to add it here, since I mentioned about online OEC. You try to log in sa and then, click on the payments. There were options on where to pay. Sinubukan ko ang over-the-counter. May instructions naman na ipapadala sa email. Ang haba ng pila sa BDO, pero ok lang kasi within my neighborhood lang. Hindi na ako magrereklamo. It’s way better than going all the way to the POEA sites. After paying, I clicked the link that was in my email and printed 3copies for each requirements sa airport, according to the instructions in the email. Hope this helps. ;)

  49. Yung mother ko po dumating nung dec. 21 tapos aalis ng jan. 4. wala pa po siyang OEC….pede po kayang kumuha sa terminal 1? Puro kasi holiday ngayon. Yung OWWA hotline po kya may ssagot kahit Holiday na?

      1. hello, just trying to help. As I have mentioned before, online OEC is okay na. :) When I tried it and paid for 100PhP (and additional 19Php for processing fee) sa bank, I only printed the OEC that was sent to me sa email. I went to the airport with 3 copies. Since it was my first time, I checked with POEA counter if they still needed to validate, hindi na daw. So I went to the Check-in counter to drop my luggage and they took a copy of my OEC. After that, sa terminal fee, pumila ako for the OFWs, and kumuha lang sila ng copy ko. Sa Immigrations, ganoon din. Walang hassle. Heto na ang sagot sa ating mga panalangin, guys. Hehe ;)

  50. hello, just trying to help. As I have mentioned before, online OEC is okay na. :) When I tried it and paid for 100PhP (and additional 19Php for processing fee) sa bank, I only printed the OEC that was sent to me sa email. I went to the airport with 3 copies. Since it was my first time, I checked with POEA counter if they still needed to validate, hindi na daw. So I went to the Check-in counter to drop my luggage and they took a copy of my OEC. After that, sa terminal fee, pumila ako for the OFWs, and kumuha lang sila ng copy ko. Sa Immigrations, ganoon din. Walang hassle. Heto na ang sagot sa ating mga panalangin, guys. Hehe ;)

    1. hello poh

      Nabalitaan ko nga poh ung BM Online OEC. Tanung ko poh, ngpaappointment po ba kau?? kse ngtry aq mglog-in no record found ung last OEC last June 2014 lng. wala ako time pra pumunta sa POEA. Panu niyo poh ginawa ung OEC niyo.Salamat poh

      1. hi lorelie…d day after tomorrow ang flight ko poh.. i still didn’t do anything.. pguwi koh before aq bumalik i will try ung online processing pero need q p rin ang appointment..

      1. Di pa po eh. So punta muna ako sa owwn and pa member? wait, all I have to do is get that OEC to get back to my employer country di ba?

      2. Yes, but to get an OEC, you need to have proof of OWWA membership. :) Direct hire po ba kayo or through agency? Nung unang balik ko sa Pilipinas, prinosesa ko as direct hire lahat ng papers muna sa POEA to set everything in order before ako bumalik sa employer country.

      3. well I “escaped” Philippines as a tourist.. First time ko to bumalik ng Philiippines. So pano to? POEA muna to be a member of OWWA and then dun ako magpapa OEC? Tama ba? hehehe Thank you nga pala!

  51. Need to know if the airport will issue oec to my husband. His oec expired oct 2014 he didnt renew it because his employer will just inform him when he will go back from vacation and his employer just booked his ticket jan 11 and now is saturday and all regional offices closed saturday. Please reply

  52. Wow! Thank you sa blog na to!!! Super helpful!

    What’s the latest on the policies? Pareho pa rin ba? Any advise would help…

    Ang last na uwi ko ay Oct. 2011 and yun din yung last issuance ng OEC ko. I am going back in March for 3 days. Do I just go to POEA booth on my departure date and bring my current OEC? Will they need a contract? And what payments do I need to prepare for?

    And any suggestions on how to manage if I am departing from NAIA 2?

    Parang ang weird lang na ang paguwi ko ng Pilipinas mas nakakakaba kesa sa ibang travels ko abroad.

    Salamat po!

    1. Hi! Glad you made it here. :D I think same lang ang policies. Flight itinerary/ticket, OWWA receipt, and previous OEC (yung 2011 if yun yun) lang naman ang hinihingi, though bring your contract just in case. I don’t know if they have a booth in NAIA2 though. NAIA1 and 3 ang sure akong meron.

      Ganyan talaga, haggard pag pa-Pinas ang byahe. Well, happy flying!

  53. Hi,
    Thank you and much appreciated your sharings of your expreriences! I probably have overlooked, but open 24/7 din ba yung counter sa NAIA 1?

  54. Hi,possible po b n makakuha aq ng Oec wla ppo kc aqng OWWA, april-29 po uwi q,then may 3 po blik q d2 s malaysia,wla npo kc aqng time kumuha ng OEC d2,thanks in advance

    1. Since 5 days naman po yun, it should be fine, but kelangan niyo magrenew ng OWWA sa airport. Nagprocess na po ba kayo before sa POEA? If may owwa na kayo before at magrerenew lang, ok lang na sa airport, 25usd ang bayad. :)

  55. Hi, I have been searching for answer to my question when I found your blog. Thank God! I need your help please on OEC. IT will be my first time to apply for it. An employer in Viet Nam is hiring me as a direct hire. In the contract there is no provision for medical insurance (and other insurance as stated in the standard employment contract of POEA. My question is, will POEA issue me an OEC even without the medical insurance provision? Thank you for your reply.

  56. This blog entry and the exchanges here are way way better than what one can ever find in the official poea website. The new online oec system sucks, too. But im relieved to have browsed over this page. Thanks to the owner and to the rest who have contibuted.

  57. i will be on emergency work related leave for about 2 days, just to accompanied a patient from other country to Philippines.I have still a valid OEC coz its just 2 weeks ago when I returned from vacation, so I already used it. Do I still need to secure a new one?

  58. Hi i just wanna ask .i already process my Oec o balik manggagawa/yesterday july 08 and flight is july 23 and i will come back here on KSA at sept.21 isnt it valid ? Im just afraid beacuse the validty of OEC is only 60 days ?

      1. Mgbabayad parin po ba ulit aqo ng OWWA kahit nakabayad nku dto at gagawa pa po ba aqo ng panibagong contrata?salmat

      2. hindi na po ulet magbabayad ng owwa. 150 pesos lang po yng charge sa new OEC. you can have it online..mas madali po kc d na kelangan iverify pag dating airport. eto yng link ng website .sana makatulong

  59. Hi magtatanong lang po aqo about oec,kumuha po kc aqo khpon ng oec tpos po u ng flight ko July 23 tpos ung balik ko dto sept 21 e ung oec ko nkalgay na vlidty untill sept,6 lang panu po un .?

  60. pupunta po ako ng thailand. as a singer . kailangan pa rin ba ng oec?ano po mga kailangan para hindi po ma offload. direct hire po ako. may visa na rin po ako.

  61. saan po mang gagaling ang kontrata na may stamp na? ano po ung stamp na un? un po ba ung red ribbon?
    sa philippine embassy po sa thailand? o sa thailand embassy?

  62. how about I will stay in pinas Aug 7-10, then I will come back again on Aug 15-18. Valid p rin ba na kumuha ng OEC pag short period lng ung pagitan ng travel?

  63. Hi there, i am having a short vacay to the philippines for my sister’s wedding. i will stay there for four days, this is my very frst time to go back to ph after 8months and i don’t think i have this old oec or receipt or owwa papers to present. would you know if its ok just to present my passport (with resdence visa stamp) and the ticket? thanks a so much! this post helps a lot!

    1. Hi, OFW status po or Resident status (i.e. visa is working visa or resident visa)? If resident visa, I have no idea how it should be. If working visa… did you register sa POEA before? If not, baka they might ask you to register there… Sorry di ko rin po alam eh. Just a blogger blogging about my experience before. :D

    2. Just wanna ask your experienced. Did they allow you to get oec at the airport? Kc first time ko din and hindi pako nkapag register

  64. Hi. With my case, I registered at POEA last December 2015 and got my OEC as well. My flight from HK to Bali has a stop over in Manila. So I am planning to maximize the 23 hour layover. How do I go with this? Do I just need to secure an emergency OEC? Thanks. :)

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