Buffy on Shuffle

(Day 17- Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs.)

So I don’t have an iPod. I do have an external hard drive named Buffy (The Vampire Slayer)* though and, to comply with the “30 day” writing challenge, I decided to put her on shuffle this morning. She’s still shuffling as of the time of writing, generating random songs, giving music to this very random Wednesday.

So. First ten songs. You’ll laugh at the randomness – but hopefully smile at the mari-ness – of them all.

Please excuse my beautiful handwriting.

1. Simon Says (1910 Fruitgum Company – why does it say 1920 in my files???)

I had no idea I had this song in my hard drive. I probably got it from one of Ate Mian’s old CDs. Okay. Let’s go retro.

2. Miss Invisible (Marié Digby)

Napangiti naman daw ako noong narinig ko ‘to. Someone sent me a copy of this song back in 2008 but I didn’t have much of an idea who Marié Digby was back then. Listened to the song, got hooked, and now I’m pretty much what you would call a Digbyholic. Miss Digby is Miss Invisible no more.

3. Sure Looks Good to Me (Alicia Keys)

Yes, I do have Miss Keys in my playlist. :D

4. Love Shack (The B-52s)

Oh groovy! This one made me laugh. I seem to have many old school songs in my HD.

5. Eagle’s Wings (Hillsong)

This one is old school too – old school worship. Oh, but oldies are goodies. Truly.

6. Ordinary World (Duran Duran)

May Duran Duran pala ako??? Anong song ito??? <– My reaction when Buffy played this song out.

7. Call to Worship (Mercy Me)

Contemporary Christian. I love this genre. You know. Switchfoot, Mercy Me, Jars of Clay. David Crowder. Those bands.

8. Change (Taylor Swift)

And Miss T Swizzle makes it to the list. Hey, I like Taylor Swift. I like John Mayer too, but I don’t think they’re in particularly good terms right now.

9. Bless Me Lord (Bishop John Francis)

From the “This is Gospel 2” album. Old school gospel music. Oh yeah. I like gospel.

(But I can’t find a youtube vid. Tsk.)

10. We Win! (David Crowder* Band)

I. Love. David Crowder. And I love this song: We’re gonna shout loud, loud/ Until the walls come down/ Shout loud, loud until the walls come down/ Loud, until the walls come down / Cause we’ve already won and you don’t have a chance/ Yeah we’ve already won and no, you don’t have a chance/ Yeah it’s already done and you don’t have a chance/ Because we’ve already won/ We have already won!

O-ha. So. There’s my music. My musical taste is very diverse. And judging from the rest of the folders in Buffy’s directory, it gets even more assorted still.

I hope you enjoyed the music. And I hope this random Wednesday found you well.

*Her name’s Buffy because her box says she was manufactured by Buffalo Technologies. :D

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