Dear Caleb

(A break from the writing challenge. Will get back to that soon enough. But first, a post dedicated to my newest friend and companion. :D )

Thisizit pansit. From this point on, it’s just you and me, my dearest darling C.

So. How do we go about this?

Let me tell you first off that I’m not good at traffic lights. Red lights scare me. Hitting the brakes is not my problem though. Shifting from neutral to gear one and getting the right clutch-accelerator mix is. I find it especially nervewracking when there are cars following us. I panic at the thought of pressure. Yes, the thought of pressure. So you better help me out on that. Be comforting enough so that I’ll be able to keep my cool. Divert me well enough so that all destructive thoughts will disappear.

I’m not so good with touch-n-go machines either. I’m afraid of getting too close thus I end up going so far away instead. Let me know what the right distance is. Let me know how to get close enough so I can reach out without struggle, so I can get by without fear or uneasy thoughts.

Keep up with my turtle-like speed. I don’t want to go too fast. The fastest I can go on the freeway is 90kph for now. Well, 100kph is also okay. But we’ll have to stick to the slow lane. We’ll get to the fast lane soon enough.

Forgive my poor parking skills. I still have to adjust to you. You, after all are not one of ‘em small Kancils. I have yet to know how your steering wheel works. How far you’ll move if I turn a little bit to the right, what will happen if I turn a bit to the left.

Oh, but I can change gears almost seamlessly now. I don’t have to keep looking at the gear stick every time, unlike before.

I know I still have a lot of things to work on. Well, you do too. But I promise to take care of you. Sorry for your baptizing scrape. I’ll try my best not to let it happen again.

I’ll keep you fed; I’ll make sure you’re maintained well. As long as you work with me, you know very well I’ll work with you. You are a blessing from heaven. An answered prayer. Your name means, “faithful companion” and you’re one of those things that will keep me “fearless in the face of overwhelming odds” ( ).

So, Caleb. Are you ready to roll?

This will be the start of something new. :)

10 thoughts on “Dear Caleb”

  1. Hmmm, sounds like a pledge of love. Nothing like your first car to inspire such amorous feelings. Just make sure you don’t turn Caleb into Pegasus and you’ll be okay. Nice one, Mari.

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