Goals, Dreams, Faith, and Risks

(Day 13 – Goals)

Oh hello, May. I can’t believe you’re here already. In less than thirty days, it will be June. And we’ll be halfway through 2012 when that month comes around.

I’m still holding on to the word that this year is the year to build. Some speculate that this world could come to an end by the time 2012 will draw to its close but well, if it does, I’d like to go to that place “further up and further in*” knowing that I had at least made a difference and built whatever He wanted me to build in this very Shadowland**.

And so here’s a piece about goals. About dreams. About faith and risk.

Back during my undergraduate years – before a year or semester would start – I would make it a point to head off to the right side of the main library to spend some quality time with the Lord, writing down my goals and dreams for that year (or semester). I listed down the typical grade conscious goals. Get an “uno” or at least a 1.25 or 1.5 in my subjects, go the extra mile in projects and all that. But I also listed down goals not typical to the geeky computer science persona that I apparently projected back then. Like write and record songs. Mentor people and touch lives. Know more about God and His great love.

It was important that I wrote those things down. They kept me moving forward, kept me on the right track, kept me passionate and inspired. As McManus puts it:

“We need both to aspire and accomplish. Without a vision for your life, without a sense of purpose, you will begin to die a slow death.” (Erwin McManus, Soul Cravings)

And so, though those goals sometimes made me zombie-like in college (review-slash-project marathons and overnight-slash-dawn prayer meetings anyone?), they kept me very, very much alive.

I still do that though I have long graduated. Ehrm, write down my goals and dreams, not transform into a zombie, I mean. But I would bore you – oh, and even possibly surprise you – if I listed down all the things that I’m dreaming for this year. A lot of them have something to do with the word “more” though. Love more. Read more. Write more. Sing my heart out more. Grow more, in terms of my career and personal life.

You know, basically just live more.

And living more involves faith. It involves risk.

You see, we’ll never see those dreams turn into reality and goals will simply be mere words written down on paper if we don’t risk it out, if we don’t act out in faith and make things happen. It’s scary. But we must never be afraid to make the biggest – or even the tiniest – step of faith to get there. If we let fear paralyze us, or if we let it turn us to the opposite direction, we’ll live haunting lives filled with “what if’s”***. I don’t want to live that kind of life. I want to live knowing that I was brave enough to try.

So dare to dream. And dare to have faith. Dare to risk it all.

Dreaming. Believing. Risking.

*Oh you must read The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle. And the rest of the Narnia books for that matter.

** Here we go with the Narnia allusions again. Chapter Sixteen. :D

*** Quoting a friend who shared about faith and risk last Sunday.

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