Lola and Mr. Lucado

(Day 11 – A quote you love)

My grandmother asks me the same question whenever I go home to my province: May boyfriend ka na ba? Translation: Do you have a boyfriend yet?

Mari: "Oh no, not this question again..."

I know she means well. She keeps a tab on all her kids and all her grandkids. At 84, she still knows who goes to what school, who works at what company, who garnered which achievement, who got together with which person. It’s not an easy feat since there are so many of us. But she does it because she loves us so. She’s so proud of all her kids and grandkids that she can’t help it.

I wonder what goes through her mind when I tell her, “No, Lola, wala pa po.” (No Grandma, there’s none yet). I used to throw in an exasperated face with this reply, but lately, I just chuck in a good-natured laugh.

See? Good-natured laugh.

She’ll probably ask me again when I go home this year. I’m thinking of adding this quote to whatever my response would be: “Lola, according to Max Lucado – well, I think it’s Max Lucado – ‘A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.’”

But then I can imagine how the rest of the conversation will turn out.

if (responseWithQuote == “wala pa po”){

$Lola = “Baka namang sobrang tago na ang puso mo, di niya na nakita.”; //maybe your heart’s so hidden, that he wasn’t able to find it

$Mari = “Edi lumapit pa siya kay Lord. Hehe.”; //then let him get closer to God still


else {

$Lola = “Tama ka, anak. Ang galing naman. Ibig sabihin, malapit talaga siya sa Diyos.”; //You’re right, child. Amazing. It means he’s really close to God.

$Mari = “He is. And the whole hiding and seeking thing is worth it.”;




Yes, I just had to add in some geeky coding to this blog post.

Haha. Cheers to Lola and to Mr. Lucado!

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