About the Author – The Challenge Begins

(Day 1 – Introduction and 15 facts about yourself – I’m not sure if I came up with 15 but by my way of counting, I’m pretty sure I did.)

I could start this story by saying that I’m a renowned writer with hundreds of bestsellers under my name. But you would say that that’s an outright lie. I’ve never written a full-fledged book. And I have never published anything save for a few scientific journal articles and a huge number of blog posts. But haven’t you ever heard of “prophesying and declaring”? It’s when you proclaim something to be true, to be real, even though it may not be so at the present. Because you believe and know that it will be – in the distant or not so distant future.

So with that cleared up, let me start again.

I am a renowned writer with hundreds of bestsellers under my name.

I can see the about the author section in one of my books already:

Insert photo into book jacket.

Mari Anjeli B. Lubrica is an educator, web developer, and of course, storyteller.  She writes code but at the same time types out prose and poetry during her free time. She fell in love with writing at an early age and was known to have churned out very creative pieces during her primary school years. Her favourite piece, entitled “Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere”, is a fictitious tale about a nine-year-old girl who becomes separated from her family on a road trip to Central Australia. She inherited the writing gene from both maternal and paternal parts of the family. She believes, however, that the love for the literary arts was awakened and cultivated by all the reading she did in her younger years. She thanks her mother for forcing her to read classics (“Little Women” and “The Secret Garden” for example) early because, at the time, she was only interested in reading “Babysitters’ Club” and Roald Dahl books.


Mari also pens out songs when inspiration strikes. She mostly writes worship songs and is yet to write a love song that is not full of cheese and mush. Mari’s instrument of choice is the acoustic guitar. She was taught by the “School of the Holy Spirit” but she still doesn’t know how to read tablature. She probably needs formal instruction for that.


Other things about the author that the reader may or may not like to know is that she will eat anything put in front of her. Okay, maybe not anything. She will munch on frogs and crickets though. But she might have second thoughts when she’s served with a dish containing a big fried rat.  This proves that looks can be deceiving because most people will not assume her to be adventurous with food. But then most people’s assumptions are wrong because most would presume her to be quiet. Yet that would be wrong because on the contrary, when one is able to get her talking, she’ll talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk one’s ear away.


Talking comes in handy though because she loves to teach. She loves inspiring the youth and imparting knowledge that she knows to them. She also loves pushing the youth to become catalysts of change and has involved them (and herself) in several volunteer and outreach programs.


When she’s tired teaching the youth, Mari turns to educating kids. The author loves children and has taught Sunday School for several years before she retired from the profession. The profession, however, apparently hasn’t given up on her yet. She still interacts with kids. Truth be told, Mari sometimes prefers watching cartoons with them to hanging out and doing grownup things with adults.


 The last and most important thing that the reader should know about the author is that she loves Jesus. She trusts that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no one can come to the Father apart from Him. (John 14:6) Because of the Cross, she has been redeemed and has entered a world full of abundant life. She believes that the invitation to life is also open to anyone who wishes to accept it and all one has to do is repent, confess, and believe.


I doubt that there’d be any publisher or editor who’d allow an “about the author” entry that long though. Five hundred and thirty words.

On second thought, that doesn’t seem too lengthy to me.

Because when you’re a renowned writer with hundreds of bestsellers under your name – the length of that section shouldn’t be a problem.

Diba? ;)

2 thoughts on “About the Author – The Challenge Begins”

  1. One of these days, Anak, you’ll indeed become a famous writer/author. Just continue what you’re doing. Continue to dream BIG, work hard, then you could achieve MORE.

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