Grand Adventure

Blame it on Disney. Blame it on all the Sweet Valley High books I devoured in high school. Blame it on all those silly love songs. Blame it on –

Well, blame it on Mari.

Hello world. Forgive me, but this topic has been swimming around in my head lately. Lately being equal to forever-lately, maybe.

I am a huge fan of romance. Romance and love worth waiting for, love worth fighting for. I get teary-eyed when friends who’ve gone through the fire get engaged to the tune of Take That’s “Rule the World” and then tie the knot a year later to the tune of heaven’s rains. My heart goes soft when a beloved friend shows me a solitaire on her left ring finger as she gives me that familiar side hug. And my eyes turn to fountains when I watch “yes, sasagutin na kita” videos.

Really, I’m just a hopeful romantic (quoting Miss Lisa Concepcion) with a heart full of mush (quoting myself).

Mush and cheese. So if this entry turns out to be overwhelmingly cheesy, please forgive me.

I believe this life is a grand adventure where we all play great roles like the heroes and heroines who burst into song in well-loved Disney movies do. And when I mean great, I mean great. I honestly don’t see myself as a damsel in distress (well, not anymore) nor do I see myself as a hypersomniac who can only be awakened by true love’s kiss (also not anymore).

I see myself as this warrior princess who fights for the Kingdom, in the name of and under the blessing of her Mighty Father and King. A fighter who’ll do that occasional song and dance number but will do that timely steal from the rich and give to the poor thing as well.

But what grand adventure would be complete without a prince? Or a dashing knight in shining armor?

Really, it gets awfully lonely battling all those hideous giants, walking all those untrodden roads alone. Yeah, even with all the affirmation from the Loving and Omnipresent King, even with all the support from fellow royalties…

Truth is, it’d be nice to have someone to share those adventures with. It would be great to really walk with someone who has the same heart and battle cry.

And it would be amazing to feel that exhilliration of romance and enter that whirlwind of learning and discovering as well.

Damsel in Distress, I am not. Hopeful Romantic, that I am. :)

Oh but I’m rambling and babbling this fairy tale dream of mine. Forgive me, once again.

Well, it took time before Prince Eric finally kissed the girl and several bouts of courage before Aladin shed off his Prince Ali facade and finally became real to Princess Jasmine. And Simba had to kill Scar before he and Nala could move on with the rest of their lives.


So Princess Mari’s got to do some more giant-slaying on her own, I guess.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if I’m insecure, dissatisfied, angsty or anything like that.

I’m just…

Hopeful. : )

2 thoughts on “Grand Adventure”

  1. wow! :) i love this anjeli. lets all be hopeful! and i hope that it will be soon for you. hey, i would love to talk to you about this again. so if you have time, aja! :)

    *dami ko comments. because when i read blog, i read blogs! hahaha.

    1. Like, napakadami nga. Well, love mo naman talaga yung nasa *love love love* category ng blog na ‘to. Haha. So. Soon talaga, ha? Hrmmm. :) Sure. Buzz mo lang ako, you know me naman. :P

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