Nak Minum?

Who wants to head out to a mamak stall with me and order a steaming cup of teh tarik or a rich, hot cup of kopi? I know, I know. It’s late but I’m so craving for a hot cup of something and a rich dose of conversation. Conversation about what? I don’t know. Nothing and anything. New music, new movies, new books, new cool websites. Career paths, future plans – anything that would get my mind out of my piling to-do list for the night. I’m up for a silent trip as well. If you’d like we can just enjoy our drinks quietly and drown in melancholic silence for the rest of the night.

I just need a couple of hours to breathe and unwind.

But then again it’s already late, I don’t have a car, and the closest food stall is the Za’ba Kafeteria which, I guess serves good enough teh tarik (I really haven’t tried their mix yet).

Kopi Segara. Instant Coffee.

Maybe I should just plug in my cerek and heat up water for some instant coffee.

And pour out all my thoughts and ramblings into this blog, letting randomness fill up the white space.

But no. I need someone to talk to.

That’s it. I’m buying that teh tarik. Za’ba Kafeteria, here I come.

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