Quantum Leap

Dearest Quantum-dear,

I’m posting this ‘thing’ a whole day before your actual date of Graduation because I’d like you to be able to read it as soon as you are able to. Like, before you will sleep tonight or something. Or when you get up tomorrow morning. Or… I don’t know. Basta.

I want you to be smiling the whole day. I’d like it that when you go up on stage to take that diploma, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear, happy because your whole family is rejoicing with you. :)

Anyway. There was this time that one of your orgmates asked for some messages for your grad presentation and I thought of reposting mom and dad’s messages here. And maybe I’ll add my own as well.

To my brother’s friends who’ll happen to drop by this little-ol-blog (and to my friends as well) — I hope that as you read this, you’ll be able to have a glimpse of  ‘Balong’ as we see him, ‘Nini’, as he is to us.

Balong, here are our simple messages for you on your graduation day. :)






When you were in my womb, your father said your movements were like quantum particles. And that’s how you got your unique name, “Quantum Yuri” from Quantum Theory.

When you were growing up as a child, you lived up to your name. Such a bundle of energy, so restless (especially, when you were brought to a warmer place like Cebu when we had our vacation), only stopping to move around when you are fully “discharged”. Your father and I  almost decided to have you nicknamed “Pacifico” to calm you down a bit.

The first day you went to pre-school, you didn’t want to be left there. Teacher Nora had to hold you to keep you running after your Papy and me. “I don’t want to go to school!” you screamed and kicked hard.

But that screaming and kicking child has become an enthusiastic young man who became Salutatorian in pre-school, a Valedictorian in both the Elementary level and the High School level in the Science Curriculum, and an Honor graduate in his BS Physics course (Cum Laude?).

Quantum seems to do things effortlessly, that’s why he often surprises us with his quantum leaps. The first time he joined the regional Press Conference in grade school, my heart sank in sadness when the all the  awards were almost given out (starting from the 5th placer to the 1st placer) , saying to myself the 5th place would be enough as long as Quantum will have some award so he wouldn’t feel so bad. I cried in half-disbelief and half-amazement when Quantum emerged as the first  placer! My heart burst with pride as he marched nonchalantly to receive his award.

When he was in third year high school, he asked for a Sony Playstation II as his birthday/Christmas gift. It was quite an expensive gift and I thought if we would ask something from him that is quite difficult to achieve as a condition for us to buy him the Playstation, he might be dissuaded. So, the condition was, for him to become First Honor in his class. However, he surprised us again when his grades improved and he was already leading in his class in the 2nd to the last grading period. Yes, he did get the Playstation II as his prize!

In his 4th year in high school, he still graduated as Valedictorian despite spending much time watching wrestling in the TV and playing Playstation.

Now, in college, friendsters, facebook, farmvilles and basketball games did not distract him from his studies, though we did worry that they would.

And Quantum would be graduating in his BS Physics course very soon and what I could say to him as his mom? WELL DONE, MY DEAR SON! YOU’VE ALWAYS MADE US PROUD! WE LOVE YOU! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!




Dear S-O-N

– Papa

Dear S-O-N,

Congratulations on the occasion of your graduation! It is good that you opted to take up BS Physics. Otherwise, you might have to consider a name change later (e.g., Integer B. Lubrica, if BS Math; or Pacifico B. Lubrica, if BS GeoSciences, …)

You have been a ‘quantum’ – a bundle of energy – even before birth. Continue being energetic, especially in relation to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of life. Maintain your culture of ‘putting the rainbow in your work’ (i.e., excellence).

Your graduation, with honors at that, makes me a very proud father, and as I have read, makes your mom very proud, too.

Your mom and I wish you all the best. Our prayers are with you.







– Ate Mari


O siya, tama na ang kadramahan na ‘to. Jokelang. :)

Yey. I really, really wish that I could be there for your graduation. I still remember how the Lubrica compound travelled all the way to Elbi two years ago just to hear me get called up three times on stage. Oh no. I hope you won’t get called up three times on stage as well.

You have your own legacy. Your own story. And I hope you know that I believe in you and that I am so very much proud of you. I remember our talk at the Trinoma Coffee Bean last year. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I wish we could have had more talks like that. On the other hand, I also remember the talk (err, chat) that we had the other night. Haha! Your lips are so sealed, right? : )

Anyway, this is as far as I can go as graduation gifts are concerned.

Watch as the next chapter in your life unfolds. Greater things are yet in store for you. I believe in God’s great plan for you.

I love you. :)


Ate Mari


6 thoughts on “Quantum Leap”

  1. tantumi…..malaki ka na…..graduate na. happy graduation! may you find joy and fulfillment in everything that you do.

  2. QY, Happy graduation! You’re so special to your Mama, Papa, Ate Mari, and to your whole clan. I was not there to see you grow up and you did it so well. ;=). Here’s to your now and future! love, nani

  3. funny ung – integral lubrica or pacifico lubrica. hehehe! :)

    anjeli, i see ur sanguinity in your message/letter! hahaha! :)

    congrats quantum!

    1. hi shiela. :) wit and humour run in both sides of my family. so does “corny”. pati na rin “philosophy” according to my dad (i.e. pilosopo lang. haha.) :)

      I’m assuming quantum is saying thank you! :D

  4. ei, anjeli! its me – shiela. errr! didnt realize that this is ate jabes laptop and she is signed in. lalallaa :)

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