Mr. A-Z who’s got the Remedy

I can’t take it anymore. After 12 something hours of going through the History of Multimedia, of going over Hypermedia and the World Wide Web, at this point my brain is now reduced to ooey-gooey-mush.

So please. Allow me to release and regroup my brain cells once more before I hit the sack.

Sigh. In all honesty, doing the whole ‘studying-alone’ thing is somewhat tiring. It can be mentally draining and emotionally draining as well. I mean, come on. I’m stuck in the room looking at nothing but my notes and – my notes. Care to define ‘lonely’, anyone?

Buti nalang nandyan si Lord. At least I know that Someone’s standing by me, giving me strength, wisdom, and joy even as I plough through all my lecturer’s Powerpoint slides.

Buti nalang din nandyan sina Kari, Leeland, India, Jason at kung sinu-sino pa. Ahh. Worshippers, artists, singers and songwriters who keep me pumped up and awake, who keep me rooted on my desk chair and away from my bed. Voices who keep me alive, convincing me that studying is still fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I owe my heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

Haha. I’m laughing at my playlist right now. It’s funny how its contents can easily shift from Kelly Warren to Kelly Clarkson, from Jonathan David Hesler to David Archuleta, from Jason Upton to Jason Mraz.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not falling to any sort of ‘darkside’ or what. I’m just realizing how diverse my taste in music really is. I guess I am like my brother who goes from Queen, to Hale, to Josh Groban. And anyway I’m simply appreciating good music. And awesome artists as well.

Awesome artists. Uhh, like Mr. A-Z? Call me crazy, call me weird – but I’m seriously (or is it not-so-seriously?) crushing on this guy right here. Haha! I think the last time I got this way was when Mel and I saw the footage of Chris Quilala singing “Your Love is Everything”.

The Wizard of Ohhs and Ahhs and Fa-la-las (

Sigh. Mr. A-Z who’s got the Remedy. The Wizard of Ohhs and Ahhs and Fa-la-las who’s got me swooning over his Wordplay and laughing over his crazy Dynamo of Volition. Uhh, okay Mari, you can start regaining your sanity now.

But in all fairness to Mr. Jason Mraz – bakit ngayon lang kita nakilala??? Yeah, I remember how “The Remedy” sparked my interest way back in high school and how “I’m Yours” and “Lucky” came across to me as nice and easy tunes – but gosh, oh, gosh – why is it only now that I’m appreciating you and your crazy, crazy music??? Why, oh why, oh why?

Gosh. I’m only just beginning to see how awesome Mr. A-Z is with his mad sound and wild play of words. I mean, you just have to love how his brain works. The wit. The creativity. See how “Mr. A-Z” is actually a play on his family name?

Swoon. If I were to refer to my list describing my “dream guy”, if I were to check to see if Mraz would make the cut – let me tell you, he would. I kid you not. He’s got most of the characteristics in the list covered.

Well, except for the top three most important ones. The ones about his depth (not that he isn’t deep, but I’m talking about another kind of deepness here), his call and – oops, I’m giving too much away. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Aww. Sayang. Pwede na sana.

Sigh. Oh well.

But hey. Mr. Curbside Prophet, you can still invade my playlist and drop by anytime during my somewhat lonely study hours.

Okay. Enough of this insanity. It’s time to call it a night.

G’nite everyone. : )

Check out Mr. A-Z's website. Haha. He's got some cool blog entries too.

5 thoughts on “Mr. A-Z who’s got the Remedy”

  1. Mraz does have songs whose meanings, if you try to interpret them, are a bit… nevermind. :|

    Oh well. Another strike against Mr. A-Z. Sorry Jason-dearie.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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