The Colours Mix In

A rough sketch. A rough drawing of an artist sitting on a bench.

This little story started that way – as a simple drawing made out of simple lines and shading. But with the addition of each new painting – as each part of Nathaniel’s life is revealed – new colours and textures start coming in, transforming that drawing into something more.

What we have is no longer a mere sketch. In our hands is a textured piece revealing our protagonist’s true depth, his true character.

The piece is finished. The colours have mixed and blended in. Much as I want to take his story further, Nathaniel must be released, so that he can fully live out his dreams – and so that we can live out ours.

What ever did become of our painter? And what of the narrator? The final instalment reveals it all. Or does it? I leave you with this: click here to read our story’s conclusion.

Some of you may have missed out on parts of the story. Or some may have only come across it just now. So I shall give you the links. Start from the painter. Make your way through each painting until you come to the concluding one.

Dreams. Sacrifices. Fire. Fulfilment. Here, you will read it all.

***At dito nagtatapos ang aking kadramahan. ;) Really. But I enjoyed writing this little ‘thing’ down. The pieces aren’t really that lengthy (just a couple of paragraphs each), so if you have the time, just go ahead and read, read, read. I hope that you will not only enjoy each ‘painting’, but that you’ll learn and gain insights from them as well. Enjoy! Now for the links:

The PainterPainting One: TeenagersPainting Two: A Happy FamilyPainting Three: The Young Woman Painting Four: The Boy and his KiteThe Old Gentleman |The Writer |

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