I’ve Got Mail!

I’m in the state of euphoria. I want to jump up and down, twirl around, and sing, sing, sing at the top of my lungs.

Forgive me. But I’ve got mail.

No, not e-mail.

real mail!

Real mail. Aunt Pena’s package had come in last week and it was timing that the crazy dorm matters brought me to the Za’ba office this afternoon. I went to the office to inquire about my reservation for the next semester and was waiting in line when Abang Kholid called out – “Mari, is that you? You have a package.” Oh. My. I have a package!!!

Define bliss.

I so love receiving letters, notes, and packages of any kind. Letters make up a big part of my love language – I give out notes and letters to make people feel loved – and when I’m on the receiving end – well, you’re sure to get a happy, happy, happy Mari.

Happy, happy, happy, happy.

I would have skipped my way back from the office to my room if I hadn’t been thinking about my reputation as a Masters student. But I walked gracefully and once I’ve gotten inside the safety of my room – well, let me just say that I became a bit undignified.

I used every amount of self-control to keep myself from ripping the box open. Hey, I was excited. But once opened – Oh, if only you could see how my eyes lit up when I saw those two beautiful packages of beautiful, beautiful, beautiful cards. Cards made by loving hands. Cards made by one so passionate and so in love with art, that she used her gift and her talent to bless, encourage, and inspire the recipients of those wonderful creations.

I drank in the colours, inhaled the papery cardboard smell, and fingered all the wonderful textures. After having a rough start to my week, those cards were more than a breath of fresh air. Already I thought of all the words that could go inside those cards, of all the cards’ future recipients. Mmmm.

And then I saw that sealed envelope. With my name written in front. A note. I opened the envelope and saw a purple-orange masterpiece inside. I was deeply touched by the short, yet inspiring note from my Nanny Pena. There were a few lines written inside, but my favourite was this one:

“Keep pursuing your dreams.”

My Nanny’s cards are a mark of her pursuing hers. And I am so, so, blessed, encouraged, and inspired. I will continue to pursue my dreams.

Thanks, Nanny. : )

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Mail!”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that the package made it safely. You just never know when you send stuff international if some overzealous customs agent is going to rip a box open and root around inside.

  2. Hi Ate Mari,

    Yes how can I forget my own cousin…haha =] hey you blog too? That’s cool hehe you blog like once a month? Yay I can read how ur doing hehe..

    Thanks for the encouragement Ate Mari,
    Grow in Him and seek Him too. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Practice self denial and live each second of your life for Jesus our Savior, because of His great love and the Gospel =]


    Send my regards to Quantum, Auntie Ychu, and Uncle Joel =]
    And let me know how you are doing too =]

  3. @Henrik,

    Hahaha. I blog when inspiration hits me. (Like when I get a sudden insight, or when I get tremendously happy, or when I get depressingly sad :D)

    Thank you, Henrk. Amen. :)

    I’ll send them my regards — through email. Hehehe. :D God bless you!

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