Saturday Morning Black Coffee

black coffee

Saturday Morning. Black Coffee. Instant Oats. The Michael Gungor Band tearing down the house in the background.

Good morning to you all.

I woke up early today. Partly because I was thinking that I should be ready, should my morning be marked by an early SMS from a friend whom I wanted to meet up with. Also partly because the Za’ba cleaning ladies are at it again, chattering in that undecipherable Bahasa Melayu, forcing me to really wake up.

However, my friend seems to be unavailable for the morning, making me consider going back to sleep. Tempting, yes. But with the cleaning ladies shifting from chattering to floor sweeping (do you know how much noise a hard broom makes when it’s swept across hard cement???), I guess would do me a lot of good to simply get my day started.

So it’s hello Saturday morning, hello black coffee, and hello Michael Gungor Band. Oh wait. It’s now Citipointe Live who’re bringing the house down.

Sigh. I want do move, move, move and do something productive, but I guess God is just giving me this morning to rest, think, and unwind.

Reading is one of my favorite “unwinding activities”. So I went over and paid this blog a visit, wanting to go through my February scribbles. But then my archives section caught my eye.

Oh. My. Goodness. Did I really come up with four entries this month??? Upon publishing this post – that four will be replaced by a big, fat, five.

I guess this must have been some month. I go on a writing spree when there are a lot of things going on – and possibly not going on – in my life. When I’m riding an emotional rollercoaster ride. Or when I’m on an intellectual and, sometimes, supernatural high. I’m still trying to figure out why I’ve had such an abundance of blog entries for this month. The last time I wrote this many blog entries was on September 2008 (Old Fashioned, Lessons Learned from the Past Week, Memorable Moments with my Batchmates – A.K.A. Granny Moments, and Hold the Fruit Salad). I think I know what went on in my life during that season. And as for my now dying multiply blog – there was this time that I reached my self-imposed blog limit – five entries (I Want to Dance under the Rain, Gone Emo, No Turning Back, Be Productive, In an Effort to be Productive) for the month of – oh my gosh – February. February 2009. I definitely know what was happening then.

Ano bang meron sa February?

Maybe it’s because it’s that time of the year when I’m already expecting the promises I’ve received from January to come to life. And when I’m not really seeing them yet…

Well, you can see my abundance of February blog entries.

But there’s still ten months to go. I just have to actively wait and see how God will allow all those dreams to unfold in these next ten months.

I’ll just have to actively – yes, actively – wait and see.

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