New Project! (What??? Another Blog???)

Reposting the “About Page” of my Project 365 blog. ;)

Okay, okay. Just to make it clear, I am NOT abandoning my Friendster blog. I’m keeping it, and I’ll continue to pour out my thoughts and insights about life in thatspace in the web.

But right now, I’m just itching to take on this “new” project.Project 365.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that new and it’s probably been around for a while. But in one of  my occasional visits to Multiply, I found my cousin blogging about this project. And then I thought… Hmmm. Ma-try nga. It might — just might — be fun to try it out.

So what’s with Project 365? Well, basically, in this project, you just have to take pictures of what goes on in your life everyday for one year (thus the 365 — hey, this year’s not a leap year, is it?). It’s a way to remember the stuff that went on in your life — both the important and the mundane — for a year.

With this you get the chance to intentionally capture and seize each day.

And when the whole project is done — you’ll have something to remember the year by.

I’ll probably only update this photoblog, like, once a week (or once every few weeks when my life gets busy). But taking pictures everyday would so not be a problem for me. (Thank you, Lord, for my very handy N73. So what if I don’t have a DSLR? I can go Photoshop like crazy anyway. Hahaha. I still want a DLSR though. Okay, I’m digressing.)

I’ll do my best to see this project through.

Carpe diem!


Sidenote and afterthought: Maybe this has something to do with the talk that Ate Mi and I had about numbering our days (among other topics). Haha. Boleh.

2 thoughts on “New Project! (What??? Another Blog???)”

  1. One of my writer friends, Blue Gal stresses the importance of writing or blogging something everyday. Maintaining the discipline is difficult, but it can help train you to focus in on the things that are really important.

    One of my cartoon characters, Carlos, has a different blog for everyday of the week. One day he’s working on writing plays, one day he’s a photoshopper, etc. Good luck with your new project!

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