Itching to Write

I am so itching to write. I’m currently at the “Intsik Net Shop” (note: not the kedai‘s real name) with Ate Grace and I know that we would be leaving anytime but — I am so itching to write!!!

Well, let’s see how much I can write given the indefinite amount of time I have di sini.

Quick Scribble #1. Wondering why we’re back at the Intsik Net Shop? Sigh. Broadband hasn’t been working since midnight last Monday. I really don’t know why. It could be because of the payment or — something. UKM Jaring’s still Jaring, but we haven’t seen each other since Friday (LOL!) when I checked out of Za’ba. Sigh. So, it’s been hard to connect with people these days. Oh well. Keri lang naman.

Quick Scribble #2. I have a pile of laundry waiting for me at home. Hahaha. Masipag talaga ako. Di ako nagkukunwari!!! Hahaha! Ate Grace and I tackled the ref this morning (ugh.. defrosting madness) and we’ll go back to it this afternoon. Be fixing up the house again in preparation for tomorrow and next week. Hahaha. This is great! Housekeeping madness! Woohoo!

Quick Scribble #3. I’m bringing work home. Sigh. Okay, okay, so the news is out. I’m going home. May suprise-suprise effect pa raw. Oh well. So it might be a suprise for the non FB and non FS community. But oh well. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. I’m bringing work home. GRA stuff. Sorry. Have to. But I will have fun. I will. Keri naman. :)

Quick Scribble #4. I am sooo sleepy. Malaysian food has too much MSG? I don’t know. But I always get this way after eating a hearty Malaysian meal. Hmmm. Craving for Sisig. For siomai. For — the red sugo, proven, butterfly bread, fishballs and tokenene! Wehhh! Hahaha. Who wants to go on a food trip with me? :D

Quick Scribble #5. N days to go! N days to go! Hahaha! At least I can keep that a secret. “No one” knows the date and time of her arrival. Hahahaha! Oh my. Am I gonna commute all the way back to elbi? Pwede rin.

Quick Scribble #6. Ang lakas lang ng loob ko. Of course I still have to get my passport on Tuesday. But my faith tells me I’m getting it without any more probems or concerns. Hehehe. At bigla ko nanamang naalala ang comment ni Ate Ahl sa FB. Sigh. I am so, so, so thankful for the grace and the favor. (And the grace and the favor… and the grace and the favor… and the… hehe).

Quick Scribble #7. Grace-filled week up ahead. Super-grace-filled weekend as well. Oh, I am so, so, so excited for the weekend. What does God have in store for us? ALL THINGS WORK OUT FOR THE GOOD of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Quick Scribble #8. With everything that’s happening and with everything that’s still to happen — I wonder how on earth will I be able to write the next pdf file? Hrrrmmm. And how would I send it? I need closure! Hahaha. I need to send that file before going home! Arrggg.

Quick Scribble #9. There I go again. Oo na, oo na. Uuwi na nga eh. Totoo nga ang balita. Hehehe.

Quick Scribble #10. Hay. May batang sobrang excited lang no? Well, I guess I’ll just end this entry here, before things get crazier.

See you all soon. Jumpa lagi!

5 thoughts on “Itching to Write”

  1. OMG!(gaya gaya :P) Uuwi k pla Ma’am? lol :P November k p po b umuwi? Tagal n pla tlga. S freedom park q lng po actually naabsorb. Nung nag-usap km n ate Bojoy :P At saka q n lng rn po nkita ang Dec 2 wifi stuff kina kuya Val s fb. Huli s balita. Wlang live streaming. hahaaha :P

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