The Fog Clears Up

Ah. The fog finally clears up. That’s all I can say. Everything is much, much clearer now.

Okay. So I attended a seminar-slash-meeting on service innovation this afternoon. Masaya siya, sa totoo lang. I mean, I could really see the point why I was there in the meeting. I really, really needed to hear what the guy had to say about knowledge management systems, ontology, co-laboring, co-creating and all those techie computer science things. His research is actually a bit different from mine, but they’re still closely related. I’m glad I listened to his discussion. Because the truth is, I still have a foggy view of what I’m actually supposed to do for my Masters’ research. But after that discussion – well, let me just say that everything’s so much clearer now.

Bear with me for a while. I know, I know. Nerd talk.

Well, as the guy presented his literature, his objectives, his research questions and his methodology, a million flashbulbs began to light up in my head. I was having all these “ah-ha” moments. He discussed how co-creating was supposed enhance knowledge management systems and I then I suddenly thought, “Oh, I see. Now I understand what I’m supposed to do for my research.”

Yeah. Like crazy.

For my research, I’m supposed to create a new model by “marrying” e-commerce and service dominant logic. E-commerce I know, but service dominant logic? Uhh, what on earth is that? But thank God for Knowledge Management System Guy because what he said about co-creating cleared up the fog on SDL.

Yeah. The fog’s been cleared up for me. But I bet you’re wondering why I’m rambling on and on about my research and about that seminar that I attended this afternoon.

The thing is, I’m just so excited right now to get into this research. One of the FTSM senior lecturers tried to explain to me the other week what my task at hand was all about. She said, “You have to ‘marry’ the two concepts – e-commerce and SDL. Ahh, but that’s going to be difficult. Because that’s like asking two clashing people to marry and live with each other.”

Hmm. Interesting. I think it’s the possibility in the impossibility that makes me want to see how this whole model is going to work out. Once I got to know what SDL was all about, my mind began reeling ways on how e-commerce and SDL were going to marry one another and how they were going to live with each other.

Yeah, it really is possible. I believe that it’s because there’s going to be that certain point wherein the two different concepts are going to meet. Kumbaga, pag yung dalawang nagclaclash na tao ang pinag-uusapan, there’s that point when they would find out that they actually click, that they don’t actually clash, and that they could actually make all their differences work out.

Parang kami ni Shie. We used to have our differences, but now we’re real good friends. Our stepping into the professional world at relatively the same time (as well as all our thoughts about love, life, and leaving) made us “click” after all those clashing housemate years.

Parang kami ni Lord. I used to be so allergic to the “God-thing” and felt uncomfortable about writing and speaking about it, but I am so, so okay with that right now. I guess it was because of that instance wherein God showed me how real and how important He truly is in my life.

Parang kami ng Malaysia. I would never have thought that Mari and Malaysia would go together but look where I am now. I guess it was at that moment when I realized that I loved Malaysia, when I realized and believed na pwede pala, that everything just simply fell into place.

And so it will be with this research. So what if e-commerce and SDL really don’t match? There’s going to be that point wherein e-commerce and SDL would “click”. They will eventually realize that they can actually have a happily ever after together. And then they will have that happily ever after.

Wee. Excited for this. :)

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