In an Effort to Be Productive

In an effort to be productive, I tried my hand at sketching using Adobe Photoshop. Ang hirap pala. Especially if you don’t have a decent mouse and all you’ve got are your fingers and your laptop’s touchpad.

But I’m happy with what I’ve come up so far. It’s a rough sketch of a girl who’s… I’m not sure what she’s doing actually. At a glance, she seems to be letting go — but look again and it may seem that she’s trying to hold on to something.

Maybe she’s doing both. Letting go and at the same time holding on.

Or maybe she’s torn between the two.

Or maybe, just maybe…

I don’t know.

Well, I can totally identify with the girl. Whether I’m at ease juggling the two (at this point I guess I’m learning to let go of a lot of things and at same time learning to hold on to a promise)… or whether I’m torn between letting go and holding on to something… Well…

You could only just speculate.

Because that’s all I’m saying for now.

(Tried coloring it in… reminds me of my high school artwork…)

. . .

10 thoughts on “In an Effort to Be Productive”

  1. hmmm… sounds very family ah.
    the paradox of letting go and holding on. to firmly believe and yet fully surrender…

    the picture says it all.
    galing ng drawing. :)

  2. clap, clap.

    o, you’re artistic side is unraveling again. the sketch is pretty, kind of reminds me of some French art.

    anyway, you may want to try Illustrator next time.

    and so Mari is letting go of a lot of things and holding on to a promise.

    sometimes we let go of a promise, and see if it returns in full circle… after all, a promise will always be a promise.

  3. Grace…

    Salamat. Hehe.

    Kuya Verge…

    Yup, it’s very paradoxical talaga…


    Masakit parin ang kamay ko. Bili nalang ako ng mouse. At itry ko na rin ang Illustrator. Yeah. A promise will always be a promise.


  4. hey Mari! You’ve written my name in full here hah!

    But even if you didn’t, I’d still leave this comment, heheh…

    Kasi… Uwahhhhhahahahahahahah!!!!!! I can relate, really.

    Parang nakaka-iyak; masakit palang iwan ang minahal mo na— I really loved and love ICS.

    But now is the season of new things… ‘got to let go and take hold of what is ahead –> ‘got to take hold of things we haven’t seen yet …In faith—can we believe? Deep within yes we do… yes we do… and so I’d like to tickle… tickle tickle tickle this little girl in the picture while saying… “yiheeeeeeeeee… cheers!… (tickle tickle tickle…)… one of these days you’ll see the invisible seeds that go with the wind… (with those fresh green leaves)… that go with the Wind of His Spirit… sprout… and you’ll see flowers bloom and fruits coming out… and new things… more beautiful than you’ve ever seen before… ” :D

  5. indeed…

    i guess we have to fully let go of some things so we can really hold on to a certain promise..


    two thumbs up sa painting of a girl picturing two meanings..

  6. wow.. haha.. amazing.. :grin:
    ikaw pa lang ang nakilala ko na kayang gumawa ng isang artwork gamit ang touchpad(tama ba) at daliri.. haha..

    galing galing..
    un lang.. haha

  7. Haha.

    Rye, namiss na kita. And all our 128 and 132 etc days together.


    At yung proven.

    At yung minute burger.

    At yung Diner Dash.


    Salamat Rye sa comment.


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