In an Effort to Be Productive

In an effort to be productive, I tried my hand at sketching using Adobe Photoshop. Ang hirap pala. Especially if you don’t have a decent mouse and all you’ve got are your fingers and your laptop’s touchpad.

But I’m happy with what I’ve come up so far. It’s a rough sketch of a girl who’s… I’m not sure what she’s doing actually. At a glance, she seems to be letting go — but look again and it may seem that she’s trying to hold on to something.

Maybe she’s doing both. Letting go and at the same time holding on.

Or maybe she’s torn between the two.

Or maybe, just maybe…

I don’t know.

Well, I can totally identify with the girl. Whether I’m at ease juggling the two (at this point I guess I’m learning to let go of a lot of things and at same time learning to hold on to a promise)… or whether I’m torn between letting go and holding on to something… Well…

You could only just speculate.

Because that’s all I’m saying for now.

(Tried coloring it in… reminds me of my high school artwork…)

. . .